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Science and technology enables us to see the opportunities and challenges of paper packaging under the new plastic restriction order

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recently, the opportunities and challenges Salon of paper packaging under the new plastic restriction order was successfully held in Beijing. It is reported that this salon was hosted by China pulp and paper research institute, China paper society and app (China) of Jinguang group, and organized by China paper magazine of China pulp and paper research institute

as the host of this salon, caochunyu, chairman of China pulp and paper research institute and Secretary General of China paper society, proposed that this salon aims to take this event as an opportunity to analyze China's plastic limit policy and comprehensively explore new opportunities and challenges of paper packaging materials

on January 16, 2020, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment issued the "opinions on further strengthening plastic pollution control" (hereinafter referred to as the new plastic restriction order). According to the new plastic restriction order, it is prohibited to produce and sell ultra-thin plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm; By the end of 2020, the production and sale of disposable foamed plastic tableware and disposable plastic cotton swabs will be prohibited. Prohibit or restrict the use of non degradable plastic bags, disposable plastic tableware, disposable plastic supplies for hotels and hotels, and express plastic packaging. Promote the use of non plastic products such as environmental protection cloth bags, paper bags and degradable shopping bags in shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores and other places; Promote the use of bio based products such as straw covered lunch boxes and degradable plastic bags that meet the performance and food safety requirements in the field of catering takeaway

in this regard, caozhenlei, President of the China papermaking association, pointed out that this salon reflects the requirements of papermaking industry enterprises to respond to the national call and solidly promote plastic pollution control. It will pool all forces, focus on the latest trends in green packaging solutions such as degradable plastics and paper packaging, exchange and discuss relevant practical experience and key technical bottlenecks that need to be solved, and help papermaking Green and high-quality development of packaging related industries such as plastics

Zhai Jingli, vice president of app (China) of golden light group, said in her speech that the launch of the new plastic restriction order has brought about an increase in the demand for relevant environmental protection paper products. Paper industry enterprises should think about and even surpass making new plastics, not only how to improve their own advantages and improve the industrial layout, but also lead the upstream and downstream of the industry to jointly respond to external changes, seize good development opportunities, and promote the overall development of the ecological environment

in the keynote report, Zhang Jun, the second level inspector, analyzed the impact of the new plastic restriction order on the industry and enterprises in his speech. In the future, both paper products and plastic products must be environmentally friendly. Relevant industries should take this opportunity to vigorously implement the "three products" strategy of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands, and develop better substitutes through innovation

guoyongxin, Executive Secretary General of China Light Industry Federation, made a keynote report entitled "comprehensively promoting the pollution control of light industrial plastics". The report introduces the work of relevant national departments in promoting plastic pollution control and accelerating the promotion of degradable plastics from six aspects: document background, industry status, work measures, standard identification, joint creativity and paper industry opportunities; He said that under the new plastic limit order, the concept of biodegradable is conducive to the application of paper, expand the promotion of paper substitutes, and promote the innovative development of special functional products in the paper industry, which provide more opportunities for the paper industry

in the subsequent theme discussion session, vice president Qian Guijing said in his speech entitled "opportunities and challenges coexist, and strive to achieve green product substitution". The new plastic limit order has brought new opportunities to the paper packaging industry, and he hopes that the paper and other related industries will find better solutions through innovation and industrial integration in the future. Chairman caozhenlei made a speech entitled "thinking on the green and sustainable development of the paper industry under the new plastic limit order", saying that the paper industry should make a difference under the new plastic limit order, focusing on solving some deficiencies in the current paper packaging performance, the low proportion of primary fibers in packaging paper, and the separation and recycling of paper-based composites, etc. the thickness of lithium copper foil is 7-20 microns. Chairman Zhao Wei pointed out in his speech that the key to the implementation of the new plastic limit order is the introduction of functional products that can meet the market demand. The paper industry should strive to solve the problems of waterproof and seepage prevention of paper packaging products through technological innovation, including extensibility, especially heat sealing, film covering, edge penetration and so on, so as to promote the wider application of paper packaging

as representatives of the packaging industry, vice president Wang Li and Secretary General Cao Guorong expressed the hope that the papermaking, printing and packaging industries would work together to develop products that are more environmentally friendly and more conducive to recycling under the new plastic restriction policy

Zeng Wei, head of the Department of polymer materials, School of chemical engineering and materials, Tianjin University of science and technology, said in his speech that the new plastic restriction order may force plastic products to develop from low-end to high-end, and its recycling and reuse will be more standardized, efficient and perfect

Cao Chunyu finally made a speech entitled "policy, opportunity, challenge and innovation". He pointed out that under the promotion of relevant policies, there is great potential for paper to replace some plastic products. The paper industry needs to predict as soon as possible, seize the opportunity and respond well; Through the introduction of mature and practical advanced cutting-edge technology and the development of biodegradable paper-based composite new materials and other innovative means, the development of suitable plastic substitute products should be selected at 20% of the full range to meet the market demand

based on the implementation of the new plastic limit policy, all guests at the salon triggered more innovative thinking through exchange of ideas, collision of views and mutual inspiration, comprehensively explored new opportunities for paper packaging, and jointly promoted the scientific and technological innovation and integrated development of paper packaging. Under the guidance of the new plastic limit policy, the industry will continue to innovate and develop more functional paper packaging new materials that meet the policy requirements, market demand, green and environmental protection, and contribute to the construction of ecological civilization in beautiful China

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