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Jinta photoelectric industry has a strong momentum of development, showing vitality

to change the angle in autumn and October, in the hongliuwa Photoelectric Industrial Park in Jinta County, blue solar photovoltaic panels that can't be seen are shining in the sunshine; At the construction site of Zhongke Hengyuan 9 MW photovoltaic power station, workers are busy with the final equipment commissioning. Since the beginning of this year, the optoelectronic industry of Jinta has enjoyed a strong momentum of development, showing great vitality

Jinta County insists on taking the park supporting facilities as the basis, and strives to build a national photoelectric industry comprehensive application demonstration base. At present, 72 MW photovoltaic power stations have been combined to generate 58 million kwh. Guangdong hydropower 50 MW, Junyu 20 MW, Gansu Power Investment phase II 10 MW and other four projects are also under construction, and the construction task can be completed within the year. At the same time, the preliminary work of seven 259 MW projects, including Savi 100 MW, Huadian 50 MW (photothermal) and Guodian Jingde 30 MW, is accelerating, and construction can also start within the year

while expanding the installed scale of optoelectronics, Jinta County has extended the optoelectronic equipment manufacturing industry chain. At present, the 200000 sets of support manufacturing project in Guangdong Sun Island has been completed and put into operation. The first phase of the complete industrial chain project of Jinta Wansheng 500 MW crystalline silicon solar cells with an investment of 2.5 billion yuan is accelerating. The equipment installation and commissioning will be completed and put into trial production in April next year

in order to realize all the outward transmission of photovoltaic power generation, Jinta County also takes the construction of supporting electricity as a key breakthrough to expand and strengthen the photovoltaic and high-energy industries. Up to now, the hongliuwa 110kV substation with an investment of 40million yuan has been put into operation, the hongliuwa 110kV No. 2 collection station project has been started, and the newly-built 330kV power transmission and transformation project has completed the selection of most of its own plastic bag sites, the determination of line direction and the preparation of output planning, Project approval is in progress. Zhonghua glass () Department

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