The operation process of the hottest digital prepr

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Operation process of digital prepress workflow five

output - graphic information

output - among them - Equipment

output - digital proofing

output - control information

management information

an average grain size of printing information 6 M management system highlights financial stability and strives to promote the development of new materials. The key system (MIS system) has quotation, order, process, work order, production order, outsourcing Cost and other functions. At the same time, it supports CIP4 standard. It can send JDF files to digital processes, send work orders, and query printing progress. At the same time, it can also accept JMF (a part of JDF) files sent by digital processes, accept query replies, and track job status. In this way, customers, business and production scheduling can clearly understand the operation of jobs through this system, and the boss of the company can also know the business and production of the whole company

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