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Wait and see the opportunities faced by the coating market in 2010 and the previous (2) the prospect of no corrosive media around

wait and see the opportunities and prospects faced by the coating market in 2010

February 3, 2010

[China coating information] Since the global financial crisis in 2008, 2009 continued to be affected by the crisis, and the entire world economic market was impacted, However, the market of China's coating industry in 2009 was not affected by the financial crisis, but also made further progress under the shadow of the financial crisis. In 2009, due to the introduction of many stimulus economic plans, China's economy maintained the momentum of sustained high growth in the past, and the coating market benefited a lot. 2009 has passed away, so what kind of environment will China's paint market face in 2010

in 2010, China's construction coatings market will surpass the historic leap forward high growth. Expanding domestic demand, strengthening the consumer market and driving the prosperity of China's economic market through the consumer market will be the national economic strategic strategy that China will continue to adopt when the international market is still depressed and has not recovered significantly. According to the distribution report of 4trillion non-financial budget investment released by the State Council in September 2009, public infrastructure still accounts for the main share of the national economic stimulus budget. Through public infrastructure, steel and cement, which are slightly overproduced in the current industry, are consumed, and through the investment in large-scale projects, the recovery of the auxiliary industry economy is driven, increasing the demand of the labor market, To solve the puzzle of domestic economic downturn is an important strategic strategy for the overall economic development of the country in 2010. The great investment in public infrastructure is also to change the face of China's existing infrastructure in backward countries and lay a foundation for the coordination of the country's future development. The strategy adopted by the central government for the general situation of China's economic development will promote the prosperity of the building materials industry in 2010, and the coating industry, as a branch of the building materials industry, is bound to usher in a new climax of development

the distribution report of the State Council's 4trillion non-financial budget investment is a message that conveys to the society the direction of China's capital investment in the next few years and the location of the focus of national economic development. In order to cooperate with the central financial budget investment and the overall layout of the national overall economic development strategy, local governments will also issue a large number of policies and non-financial budget investment to cooperate with the central government's national economic development plan. In this way, the investment in infrastructure construction in the next few years will be very huge. The content of China's infrastructure conference: Volume investment will also bring an unprecedented peak season for the development of China's coating industry

observe the opportunities and prospects faced by the coating market in 2010. Zhan

in 2010, China's coating industry not only has the central and local governments to promote its rapid growth, but also has the icing on the cake of local private consumption. The central government and local governments focus on promoting the high-speed consumption of building materials for the friction between the gasket and the rotor generated by the main brakes such as steel and cement, and the demand side of auxiliary building materials is second. With the central and local governments' investment in infrastructure, the coastal local governments have already improved the railway and highway construction of infrastructure. This time, a large amount of investment in infrastructure will flow to large-scale buildings and landmark buildings with urban landmark symbols and rich cultural life of urban citizens, This is not only auxiliary but also beneficial to the production of plastic film industry and the sustainable development of the country. The demand of building materials industry is huge. For example, the coating industry will benefit greatly and generate strong social demand.

a large amount of investment from the central and local governments will stimulate the consumer market. On the one hand, it is to activate the domestic economy, so that China's basic people can earn more funds and re consume. On the other hand, a large amount of infrastructure investment from the central and local governments will also set off a trend of public construction in China, and the private construction of Chinese grassroots people will also bring a lot of market opportunities to the coating industry. The sporadic small civil buildings have higher consumption demand for coatings

at the same time, China also places emphasis on people's livelihood. In order to "protect people's livelihood", at present, while curbing the high real estate prices, the state has carried out a large number of low rent housing construction throughout China to provide the most basic living conditions for the people. Curbing the excessive growth of house prices can stimulate the benign high-speed consumption of the housing market, drive the rapid growth of the real estate market with good quality and low price, and promote the prosperity of the coating industry. On the other hand, the state has invested in the real estate industry, and the development of a large number of real estate to "protect the people's livelihood" is also a strong new source of growth in the coating industry

from the above, in 2010, and even in the years after 2010, the market prospect of China's coating industry is very broad. The broad market prospect of the industry brings many development opportunities for enterprises in the coating industry. Although there are good opportunities, not all coating enterprises can seize them

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