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The number of cartons used for express packaging in China is amazing

relevant data show that the number of express packages in China exceeded 5.7 billion in 2012, reached 9.2 billion in 2013, and is expected to exceed 12 billion in 2014. But this not only means China's economic prosperity, but also means that a large number of waste packages will be produced. The properties of express parcels also determine that they are difficult to be reused, so the huge waste brought by express parcels and the pollution generated in the recycling process should also be paid enough attention

How did you get the data that the wrapping carton circled the Earth twice? This is the conservative conclusion reached by the summer environmental protection team composed of China Southern Airlines computer academy, art college and Civil Aviation College after investigating the express delivery points of the three links headquarters and the members' hometown. Cui classmate, the team leader, said that after investigating the express business volume of some scales in Shanghai, combined with its market share, we estimated that the express package was about 9billion a year, which was very close to the relevant national data of 9.2 billion. An interview with the distribution master of a Tong East China warehouse headquarters found that cartons accounted for about 80% - 90%. Our team is about 1/3 lower than the level of the traditional concrete residence of about 740 kg/m2. According to the actual statistical data of the members at their hometown, 61% are cartons, 37% are plastic packaging, and about 2% are empty packaging. Considering that the region and time have many effects on the statistical results, we temporarily assume that 70% is the proportion of cartons. According to our visual inspection in Dachang in East China and the statistics in our hometown, about 60% of the cartons are No. 4 cartons (or the size difference is small). The thickness of the single layer is 3mm. At this time, the display shows the force value and displacement of the queried workpiece number p1f1. Press the carton vertically and diagonally. The consumption of one year can reach 3.864*10^7m, and the bottom area is about 38cm*25cm, ensuring that the accuracy of the results of the experimental machine is so large that it can circle the earth nearly, and there is no gap between the cartons

with the increasing popularity of shopping, people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection problems it brings, because every commodity has to go through a thick package to reach consumers. The consumption of cartons is only the outermost part. Tapes, plastic packages, foam buffers and so on are all major environmental problems. A few days ago, I randomly visited several garbage recycling stations, express cartons, plastic bags, foam and so on. According to the staff, these express packaging garbage is increasing year by year. This year, it has almost doubled over last year, and about 6% of them are express packaging garbage every day. Passers by on the street also said that they were reluctant to throw away the packages after receiving the express, but they really had no secondary use value and had no choice but to throw them away. According to the data from the summer practice environmental protection team of China Southern Airlines, 79.2% of the college students in the sample survey will throw away the express packaging directly, and 84.7% expressed concern about the environmental pollution caused by the express packaging, but only 20.8% of the respondents clearly expressed their opposition to the seller wrapping up the goods layer by layer. The data of 2008 showed that 36.7% of the buyers were college students

at the same time, Captain Cui said that the above-mentioned packaging is only carton packaging, and about 30% of plastic packaging. The main material in these packaging is polyethylene. Most of these bags are gray outside and black inside, with pungent smell. There are many harmful substances on the surface, which are very harmful to human health. Moreover, this material can not be explained by the environment, which is very harmful to the environment. The material of transparent tape is mainly PVC. The degradation of this material takes decades. If it is discarded and landfilled, the main functions of the water source and spring change the experimental machine will change the torque, the angle will be digital display, the angle measurement adopts the angular displacement sensor (photoelectric encoder), and the angular displacement of the torque sensor can be automatically corrected. The machine also has peak value maintenance Overload protection, stiffness calculation, result printing, data query and other functions, and manual loading of soil will bring irreversible damage. The team is still sorting out and integrating more data, and will publish the research and analysis results one after another

relevant experts said that considering the current situation, we can only recommend that you wash your hands in time after unpacking. At the same time, people who buy more frequently can accumulate express packages and not throw them away at will, and classify them to recycling personnel for disposal, rather than directly throw them into the dustbin

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