The number of layoffs in North American paper indu

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The number of layoffs in the North American paper industry this year has exceeded 10000

according to the survey, including the international paper company's plan to cut 3000 people and Huihao's recently announced reduction of 92 people in the carton factory. Insiders pointed out that in recent years, the disposal and recycling of waste plastics has increased by 5 When the pressure of rubber universal testing machine can not rise, it is mostly caused by the excessive relaxation of the electromechanical conveyor belt due to oil immersion. Treatment: move the Electromechanical to tighten the belt or replace the conveyor belt. So far in 2003, the number of layoffs in the paper industry in North America has reached 10800. Among them, about 3000 jobs disappeared due to the closure of paper mills; Another 7000 people were dismissed due to the closure of packaging plants or to reduce operating costs. Statistics on the shutdown of some large enterprises show that the above goals can be said to be justified. During the shutdown in September 2003, about 22 enterprises reduced the output of pulp, paper and paperboard by about 1.89 million tons

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