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Huawei released the digital rail 2.0 solution on innotrans 2014

ctiforum on September 26 (Li Wenjie): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, participated in innotrans 2014 (Berlin International Rail Transit exhibition, Huawei booth No.: Booth 207 in hall 4.1) in Berlin with the theme of a better connected railway from September 23 to 26, and launched the digital rail 2.0 solution with great momentum, It is committed to helping the rail transit industry establish a better fully connected rail with innovative digital rail ICT solutions

Picture Description 1: Huawei participated in innotrans 2014 to establish a better world of all connections

innovative ICT to establish a better world of all connections. Under the trend of urbanization and globalization, the demand for land transportation has soared. Based on the existing road infrastructure, how to achieve transportation capacity, strive to continue to improve their market share, and build differentiated competitive advantages has become the focus of global rail transit operators. In order to promote the effective coordination of people, vehicles and roads and jointly cope with new trends and challenges, Huawei has further integrated innovative ICT technologies such as agile network, cloud computing and byod on the basis of digital rail 1.0 solution to launch digital rail 2.0 solution. The scheme will help customers build 4G and all IP evolvable operation communication, cloud based integration center and agile station depot, and vehicle ground wireless broadband based on mature 4G LTE technology, so as to jointly build a fully connected, efficient, safe and convenient rail transit

Wang Hanchao, President of BG transportation industry system Department of Huawei enterprise, said: Huawei has provided ICT products and solutions for customers in the rail transit industry since 1996, and has served the rapid depressurization of more than 84500 km of rail pressurization electromechanical devices around the world; Don't turn off the power, open up and cooperate with more than 50 partners in the industry, and strive to help establish a better connection between tracks, passengers, railway staff and tracks, and people to people by providing innovative ICT solutions. Huawei digital track 2.0 solution shows customers and partners in the global industry how Huawei can help customers establish future oriented operational communication networks and support the continuous improvement of transportation capacity; Build an information exchange system covering the center and station sections to activate the efficient utilization of road resources; Create a service-oriented information service platform to provide comfortable and convenient digital services for passengers and freight customers

Huawei heavyweight released digital rail 2.0. In innotrans 2014, Huawei heavyweight released two core products of digital rail 2.0 solution: the industry's only dual-mode railway on-board station joint solution and future oriented GSM-R system, helping railway customers comprehensively improve the level of railway informatization

Huawei and funkwerk, the leader of professional mobile wireless system, jointly released the LTE based railway vehicle mounted station scheme for the first time, which is the only dual-mode vehicle mounted station in the rail transit industry at present, and supports G245 million tons of sm-r and LTE in China's nonferrous metal import and export in 2015. The on-board station integrates Huawei LTE module. In addition to supporting traditional GSM-R services, it can also provide voice, video and data services based on broadband LTE, meet the needs of railway customers for on-board real-time video monitoring, promote the evolution of railway wireless communication technology from GSM-R to LTE, and improve passenger travel satisfaction

picture description 2: Wu Ling, general manager of Huawei GSM-R, and Gottfried winter, sales director of funkwerk GSM-R jointly released the LTE based railway vehicle station scheme for the first time.

Huawei also released to the industry two star products for the future GSM-R system, the all in one single frame CS core ecns300 and the SDR based dual-mode base station bts3900. Huawei ecns300 core adopts a unified ATCA platform and integrates MSC, HLR and UMG to help customers save room space, reduce OPEX, and support the evolution to LTE. Huawei bts3900 base station meets the latest specifications of 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), meets the strict requirements of GSM-R, and supports the evolution of GSM-R to LTE for rail

recently, Huawei GSM-R solution passed the international authoritative certification body t? V group's latest 2012/88/eu, 2012/696/eu, 2010/713/eu EU directive certification, and obtained t? V issued sb, SD model certification certificate. Huawei is one of the first GSM-R equipment suppliers certified by this EU Series directive

on September 25, Huawei will also hold the 2014 Huawei rail industry summit, which will invite more than 200 customers and partners from around the world to discuss market insights into the rail transit industry and share innovative ICT solutions on how to promote the rail transit industry to achieve effective connection and collaboration. Customers and partners attending the meeting include Singapore Metro (SMRT), South Africa railway passenger transport group (Prasa), Bombardier, Alstom, etc

at present, Huawei's digital orbit solution serves 84500 + km orbit lines around the world, with a total length of 2 circles around the earth. Based on Huawei's digital rail solutions, in November 2013, Huawei took the lead in implementing the first commercial application of elte technology in the global rail transit field in Zhengzhou Metro. In February 2014, Huawei, together with Bombardier, the world's leading signal equipment supplier, signed the first ERTMS regional railway business contract in Africa with Zambia railway company with 207nm thick film in orange. In the future, in the rail transit industry, Huawei will continue to be integrated and help the rail transit industry establish a better fully connected track through joint innovation with customers and partners

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