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Foxconn lights out factory trial operation staff may plummet

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core tips: [China Packaging News] on June 8, 2018, Foxconn, a world-renowned OEM enterprise, was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This former apple processing plant experienced Apple's failure in China in 2018

[China Packaging News] June 8, 2018, Foxconn, a world-famous OEM enterprise, was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. After Apple's failure in China in 2018, this former apple processing plant did not fall down. Its annual revenue exceeded the last 410billion yuan, and its net profit was as high as 16.9 billion yuan. After the listing of Foxconn, the share price soared all the way, and the value of chairman Gou Taiming also rose with the tide, reaching 49 billion, becoming Taiwan's richest man

Foxconn used to be a traditional processing plant. Countless workers were working on assembly lines in the workshop, which seemed to have little technical content. Although it was a contract manufacturing giant, it simply used the cheapest labor force to work for high-tech, and the bulk of the money was taken away by others. Entering the era of Internet, Gou Taiming is also very dissatisfied with this situation. Foxconn decided to transform from a traditional OEM to an industrial Internet high-tech company. This listing raised 26.7 billion yuan is a gimmick of "industrial Internet"

in 2018, the number of Foxconn employees exceeded 250000. With a net profit of 16.9 billion, Foxconn's wage expenditure for workers was 21.2 billion yuan. It can be seen that Gou's treatment of employees is still good. Converted into average wages, ecovio biodegradable film has excellent mechanical properties, thermal insulation and water retention properties, and good UV resistance, with a monthly salary of more than 7000. But among these 250000 people, the number of front-line workers obviously accounts for the largest proportion, and what is the salary of this large group? Presumably, it must be much lower than the average. The survey shows that 80% of the salary is taken by 20% of the executives, so many people call Foxconn a "sweatshop"

speaking of Foxconn, I have to mention Hon Hai Precision. This global top 500 enterprise is the source of Gou's assets, and Foxconn is just its subsidiary. Hon Hai Precision, as the highest ranked private enterprise in the global top 500, has continuously improved the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry, and its strength is still above Alibaba and Huawei. Foxconn is the result of the separation of Hon Hai Precision's mainland business. The cooperation with apple is the beginning of Foxconn's real take-off. With the growth of Apple's global sales, Foxconn has more and more orders, and soon became a giant in the OEM industry

the rapid growth of business volume has doubled the pressure on front-line workers. Although Foxconn's development has improved, its reputation has continued to decline, and there have been repeated reports of employees jumping from buildings, which has brought a lot of negative effects to Foxconn. The transformation of Foxconn is inevitable. When Foxconn put its transformation goal on the technology industry, as a pure OEM, workers may shout a lot, but there is no way to start with technology. In the face of this dilemma, Foxconn can only increase research and development efforts and attract all kinds of scientific and technological talents

in 2018, Foxconn invested nearly 9billion yuan in R & D, and the R & D personnel of the whole enterprise accounted for 9.2% of the total employees, which was far higher than BYD and Xiaomi, both technology companies. Of course, a large amount of capital investment has also been rewarded. The best embodiment is to improve the automation efficiency by 15%. At the same time of technology research and development, Foxconn also focuses on the development of industrial interconnection. For the previous heavy and single assembly line, Foxconn has achieved initial results in developing artificial robots

in the 2018 financial report, Foxconn mentioned the "light out factory". In the model transformation, without the light on, there was no worker participation in the whole process, and the artificial robot operated automatically, which greatly reduced the worker cost and work efficiency. In the whole year, it achieved a revenue of 4.76 billion yuan, increased the efficiency by 30%, and reduced the inventory cycle by 15%. The successful operation of Shenzhen light out factory has given Foxconn greater confidence. 2. Rubber/plastic tensile testing heart. At present, many cities in China have begun the trial operation of light out factories. Once the operation technology of light out factories becomes more mature, it is believed that Foxconn will have a great improvement in cost and efficiency in the future, and I am afraid there will be a substantial reduction in employees, It will also be a big step for Foxconn to transform into a technology factory

at present, Foxconn has taken the first step on the road of transformation, and there will always be some setbacks in the process of transformation, but as long as it can survive, Foxconn has great prospects for development in the future. The development of Foxconn is also an epitome of the development of enterprises in this era. Facts have proved that if you want to firmly go down in the pace of the times, you must keep pace with the times. You can't just sit on the basis of the past and stay still. You can only follow the trend by seizing the wind direction of the market and turning in advance. The best thing Foxconn can do in the transformation is to be able to spare scientific research investment. If it wants to enter unfamiliar industries, it must pay the tuition fees. Although the investment cost in the early stage has increased significantly, once the transformation is successful, the return is also rich

many people's disputes about Foxconn are "sweatshops". However, due to the investment of scientific and technological costs, the role of talents naturally becomes more important. If we want to obtain more talents, we must pay more generous remuneration, and what we need to do is to have more abilities, which will naturally become those salaries above the average value

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