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In the next few years, the number of imported electrical instruments and meters is not large.

China's electrical instruments and meters are the only products imported less in the domestic instrument industry, and there are a certain number of exports. In the next few years, the number of imported electrical instruments and meters is not large, which will not have an impact on the domestic market

some enterprises have increased investment in high-tech products, gradually improved their development capacity, gradually improved their quality management system, and obtained international certification. After the merger and combination of enterprises, the scale is formed, and the cost is gradually reduced. With the gradual maturity of these conditions and the economic development of exporting countries, the export volume of high-end products such as digital meters, a small number of imported electric energy meters, automatic testing systems, monitoring systems, etc. to Iran, Pakistan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, Europe and the United States will be greatly increased

at present, the products with large quantity and wide range in the industry are electric energy meters, installed electric meters and portable electric meters. These products are labor-intensive products. The existing technical level of domestic enterprises can completely install counting devices on cylindrical gears to meet the needs of the domestic market. Moreover, due to the abundant domestic labor resources and low wages, the products have a strong price advantage, It can fully penetrate into Southeast Asia and some developing countries

playing the role of basic building materials, domestic electrical instruments and meters have shown to industry insiders in an interactive, interesting and open way that they will bring infinite inspiration to industry innovation as a "partner of technical cooperation". They will focus on some technology intensive products, such as the simple experimental setting of high-end applications, which is more reasonable; Digital instruments for research-oriented users who care about experimental details, a small number of oral watt hour meters and automatic test systems, etc. However, due to the limited demand for these high-end products, the import volume will also be limited, and because some domestic units increase investment in high-tech products and improve development capacity, the market share of imported products will not be greatly improved

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