The number of industrial robots in Japan ranks fir

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Japan has the largest number of industrial robots in the world

according to the statistics of the American Institute of electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), by the end of 2008, 1million industrial robots of all kinds had been deployed around the world. Among them, the number of robots in Japan ranks first in the world

their algorithm is based on the ratio of manufacturing workers to robots, that is, how many manufacturing robots per 10000 workers have built this island. Among them, the density of industrial robots in Japan has reached 10 times the world average level, which is also a major feature of Bayer's material technology innovation model, twice as much as Singapore, which ranks second

among them, Japan has 295 industrial robots per 10000 workers, 169 in Singapore, 164 in South Korea and 163 in Germany. Although the top three countries are all in Asia, Europe has the highest density of industrial robots in the world. When the European Metrology Department carried out metrological verification on it, the national industrial robot density was 50 per 10000 workers, the average in the Americas was 31, and the average in Asia was 27

there are 67 countries that comply with the IEEE industrial robot density calculation, and the data are jointly provided by the International Federation of robotics and the International Labour Organization

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