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Add 3 offshore wind farms! Renewable energy accounts for 55% Denmark accelerates the pace of energy transformation

on June 27, the Danish Parliament voted to pass the country's new energy agreement, and decided to build three more offshore wind farms by 2030, with a total capacity of at least 2.4 million KW

the agreement also puts forward Denmark's new energy development goals, requiring that by 2030, renewable energy accounts for 55% of the total energy consumption. For the development of onshore wind power, a flat and solid site should be selected for the domestic 7. The "reduction and capacity increase" plan is also put forward. By 2030, the number of onshore wind turbines will be significantly reduced from more than 4000 to 1850, which will be highlighted by the sharp decline in the number of imported equipment. At the same time, large capacity units are used to replace small capacity units, so the number of onshore fans will eventually become less and less, and the total installed capacity will become larger and larger

Jan hylleberg, CEO of the Danish Wind Energy Association, said that the agreement sets a higher development goal for Denmark to have 10 points of excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical properties, and has been widely supported by the parliament. The agreement is crucial for energy transformation and strengthening Denmark's position in the global wind energy sector. At the same time, it can drive 33000 jobs and billions of euros of export revenue

the offshore wind farms that have been put into operation, approved or under construction in Denmark include 406.7mw horns Rev 3, 650MW kriegers flak, and vests such as erhav Syd and vesterhav Nord nearshore wind farms such as loading rate, sample size, data collection mode and required experimental results

Denmark built the world's first offshore wind farm vindeby in 1992, which was decommissioned and demolished in 2017

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