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On May 31, Shaanxi Automobile Anhui Office went to Taihe, Dingyuan and Ningguo to continue the new chapter of Huaihai action linkage promotion. This linkage activity was mainly about the extreme experience of special effects The group purchase of X3000 trucks on the market and the special promotion meeting of X3000 tractors were held in three forms. A total of 79 orders were obtained, and more than 80 intended customers. The real power of Huaihai action was demonstrated again

Taihe County is one of the largest heavy truck consumption markets in Fuyang, and also the key market of Shaanxi Automobile in Fuyang. The second stop of Shaanxi Automobile truck stunt Experience Camp in Anhui Province experienced and promoted activities in local counties and villages, hoping to show the super quality of Shaanxi Automobile through close interaction with users. With the support and cheers of more than 300 people on the scene, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck stunt show team members showed all kinds of heavy truck stunt extreme movements. Chen Yong, the marketing consultant of the office, combined with the stunt show, brought wonderful 360 ° walkaround explanations to all guests and interacted with users, so that users could have a more detailed understanding of the most high-end tractor X3000 products in the industry. In the process, users also continued to get on the car. At the event site, Fuyang Huajun also brought rich gifts to customers. Super quality, special experience and preferential policies kept the climax on the site, and customers ordered cars one after another

Dingyuan county is the main marketing market of Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 products in Chuzhou. Users have a high acceptance of X3000 products and have a good customer base. This Delong X3000 high-end truck product regional listing Group Purchase Fair was mainly to introduce the product to the heavy truck users in Dingyuan county. More than 80 people were invited to the event, including houweiping, director of Shaanxi Automobile Anhui Office, machunfeng, director of Weichai Power Anhui Office, zhuqidong, general manager of Chuzhou Dongfang Huaye sales Co., Ltd., and various automobile trading companies and end users in Dingyuan county. Delong X3000 high-end truck and tractor come down in one continuous line, continuing its six characteristics of fuel saving, light leather, reliability, safety, comfort and intelligence. Through the personal explanation by zhuqidong, general manager of Chuzhou Dongfang, in addition to Jinan new era Test Instrument Co., Ltd., Jinan Sida and Jinan old test fund, as well as the field test drive experience, users have a new understanding of Shaanxi Automobile's high-end trucks, and are even more impressed by the excellent quality of X3000 products

to ensure that customers can obtain excellent products, Ningguo is a key area in southern Anhui, and Delong X3000 tractor has had an impact in this area. In order to further consolidate its advantages and let more users know about this most high-end product in the industry, Anhui SHAANQI Heavy Duty Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., together with Xuancheng Zhicheng automobile trade and ningguobaode automobile trade, held a special promotion meeting on Delong X3000 tractor to introduce its advantages to friends who came to the meeting in response to the needs of reifenhuser, who is specialized in efficient logistics and cement supporting transportation, with rethinking as the theme

the success of the linkage promotion among the three places in Anhui Province has enabled regional users to enjoy the true feelings of Shaanxi Automobile in their personal experience. The extraordinary truck stunt extreme experience, the regional hot sales of Delong X3000 high-end trucks and the theme promotion of X3000 tractors have all brought new product storage and transportation experience to Anhui customers as important factors to consider. With the continuous fermentation of "Huaihai action" in Anhui, it is bound to set off an experiential promotion storm in the local area, so that everyone can feel the infinite charm of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck

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