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Guangdong has a unique geographical location. Guangdong has always been known as the 'South Gate' of China to the rest of the world. In the past 20 years, Guangdong has also made great progress in the construction of logistics facilities. To build the Greater Pearl River Delta into a world-class international logistics center with Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong as the axis is the goal of the future development of the logistics industry in Guangdong

Guangzhou: the provincial capital and logistics center

the Pearl River Delta has the largest petrochemical market in China. As a central city and transportation hub in the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou has a good economic foundation and geographical advantages for developing international and regional logistics. With the completion of Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone, Guangzhou will become one of the major chemical logistics bases in the country in the future. At present, several large chemical logistics markets have sprung up in Guangzhou. They all have the following characteristics:

one is the formation of a supply and procurement center. The existing major markets in Guangzhou have reached cooperation agreements with foreign suppliers and purchasers, prompting them to set up shop in the market or purchase Chinese products through the market. The presence of international purchasers can attract domestic suppliers, and the gathering of domestic purchasers can attract international suppliers

secondly, some chemical markets use the existing sites to develop and build high-standard and modern convention and exhibition centers, integrating domestic and foreign famous and high-quality chemical products in one place, and providing enterprises with a 'never-ending Commodity Fair' through exhibition activities

the third is to establish a warehousing and distribution center to complete the business activities of the enterprise through the standardized operation function of modern logistics. Guangzhou chemical logistics has gradually formed its own brand. From January to March this year, the trading volume of major chemical logistics markets has reached 2.5 billion yuan

Shenzhen: modern logistics aircraft carrier

according to statistics, more than 50 famous multinational logistics enterprises have settled down in Shenzhen, that is, in order to lag behind the loss, the local logistics enterprises in Shenzhen have developed rapidly, and a port centered port shipping industry system has gradually taken shape. Shenzhen Port accounts for about 35% of the transportation share of domestic and foreign trade containers in Guangdong Province. The scale of container trailers in Shenzhen accounts for about 50-60% of that in Guangdong Province. The business volume of air transport, sea transport and express service is also in the lead

South China International Industrial raw materials City, located in Pinghu logistics base, Shenzhen, consists of five professional raw materials trading centers, including hardware, chemical plastics, printing paper packaging, etc. In 2004, the signing of the '9 + 2' cooperation framework agreement in the Pan Pearl River Delta allowed the industry and market hinterland of the Pearl River Delta to expand significantly, and logistics projects became an important channel for economic radiation. It is self-evident that South China city has the advantages of choosing Shenzhen: Huanggang port, the largest land freight port in China, Shenzhen port, the fourth largest container port in the world, Shenzhen International Airport, the fourth largest airport in China, Beijing Guangzhou railway and Beijing Kowloon Railway extending outward, and Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway, Shenzhen Huizhou Expressway and other expressways extending in all directions. It is estimated that by 2010, the added value of Shenzhen's logistics industry will reach 100billion yuan

according to Shenzhen customs, the export supervision warehouse at the rear of Yantian port area, as a newly developed third-party logistics, has become the largest export supervision warehouse base in China. The throughput of Yantian port area is growing rapidly in geometric progression. Logistics giants in Europe and the United States purchase more goods in Shenzhen and South China, and then directly disassemble, repack and distribute goods in the export storage base behind Yantian port area, and transport chemical raw materials, footwear and other goods from Shenzhen and South China to Europe and the United States through ocean going giant ships

Zhanjiang: sit firmly in the Diaoyutai of western logistics.

western Guangdong has a very advantageous geographical location. The petrochemical industry has a solid foundation and huge development potential. In particular, Zhanjiang has rich port resources and oil pipeline network, which is enough to build a large oil pump electromechanical shutdown oil logistics base

Zhanjiang port is located in Leizhou Peninsula, Guangdong Province, the southernmost tip of mainland China. It is one of the ports with the shortest voyage from China to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. It is the main channel for the import and export of goods in Southwest China and western South China. At present, the 300000 ton onshore oil wharf has been put into use, the 200000 ton Iron Ore Wharf can also be put into use by the end of the year, and the 300000 ton waterway preparation project was completed in 2005. After the completion of the three major projects, Zhanjiang port will have the leading deepwater channel in South China, the only specialized Iron Ore Wharf and the largest onshore oil wharf in China. The throughput of Zhanjiang port will also double to more than 50million tons. According to the overall plan of Zhanjiang Port approved by the Ministry of communications, in the next few years, Zhanjiang port will invest nearly 5billion yuan in large-scale project construction. By 2008, the annual cargo throughput of Zhanjiang port will jump from the current 35million tons to 70million tons, and in 2010, it will reach 100million tons, truly becoming a big port in southern China. At present, China's three major oil giants all favor Zhanjiang's logistics advantages and have built factories to expand production

with the implementation of CEPA, Zhanjiang and Hong Kong will complement each other's advantages, jointly invest in expanding the port transportation industry, and expand international container transportation and transit, processing, warehousing and trade businesses. The distance between the two is 1.2~2mm, so as to build a logistics transit base and Trade Center for petrochemical and mineral friction and wear testing machine system connecting western Guangdong, Pearl River Delta, Southwest China and ASEAN markets, as well as chemical fertilizer

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