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"Humanities Trinity" series report 2: "pattern determines outcome!"

"humanities Trinity" series report 2: "pattern determines outcome!"

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Guide: pattern determines outcome! Talking about the feeling after attending the S1000 training, Wang Jun, who has just been promoted to Jinan new period assaying Instrument Co., Ltd., is a classification of rubber universal machine independently developed as the deputy director of Sany technology it headquarters, said that there must be a certain pattern before there can be a good outcome. In 2010, Sany Group officially launched the S1000 project, that is, in R & D, marketing services, manufacturing

"the pattern decides the outcome!" Talking about his feelings after attending the S1000 training, Wang Jun, who has just been promoted to the Vice Minister of Sany technology it headquarters, said that until the sample is broken, "there must be a certain pattern before there can be a good outcome."

in 2010, Sany Group officially launched the S1000 project, that is, 1000 outstanding talents were selected as reserve cadres in the ten systems of R & D, marketing service, manufacturing quality, business and finance. They receive off-duty training in Sany school for several months. In addition to refined majors, they also need to take part-time management courses

in October, 2010, Wang Jun, who was then the MES Engineer of the Application Development Department of Sany Heavy Machinery it headquarters, was selected to participate in the second phase of it S1000 training. "First of all, I came to Changsha headquarters for two months of off-duty centralized learning, and then returned to my original post for project practice." Wang Jun told me

"This training is aimed at cultivating the future CIO of the group, and its positioning is very high, which also puts forward high requirements for us. The company has conducted a professional training on it system for us in two months. From the most basic theoretical knowledge, it has gradually improved the measurement of the push force after screw extrusion to the measurement of the head pressure, to the IT management knowledge at the strategic level, as well as team building, which has greatly improved us. ”Wang Jun said

it is reported that, unlike focusing only on personal learning and the development of personal intelligence, the S1000 project specifically aimed at the training of "reserve cadres" emphasizes the improvement of students' management ability and team cohesion. Wang Jun told that the training took the form of "group teaching". There was a point rule for each class. The highest branch received certain rewards, forming a PK atmosphere. The participants' participation and acceptance were greatly improved. What is more worth mentioning is that, unlike the traditional "cramming" training method, the curriculum design of S1000 training is very scientific. Training instructors generally adopt case teaching, pay great attention to scheme decomposition, and share a lot of practical experience with students. "This is a deeper learning, and we all like it." Wang Jun said

in addition, as a monitor, Wang Jun also regularly organized student activities and went as far as Fenghuang, an ancient city in Western Hunan. "In fact, learning professional knowledge is only part of it. More importantly, I got to know a group of colleagues in the group's IT system, which is very helpful for my future work." Wang Jun told that what impressed him most was that he went to Shiyan lake for outward bound training. At that time, the trainer asked all the trainees to form an inner and outer circle, and the person in front sat on the leg of the person in the back. "The trainer told us the longest time record set by the previous trainees, and our class finally broke the previous record with great advantages after many attempts." "After that, many of our students were too weak to stand up. It can be said that they exceeded their personal endurance limit, but they all overcame it and completed it. This is the strength of the team." Wang Jun believes that a series of training and expansion has greatly stimulated the potential of the students and enhanced the team cohesion

in may, 2011, after three months of project practice training, Wang Jun was promoted from deputy section level to deputy department level and served as deputy director of Sany technology it headquarters. Many people envy Wang Jun, who joined the company in 2008. In less than three years, he became a vice ministerial cadre of the company like taking a helicopter. Wang Jun was very glad to have participated in the S1000 training. "This training not only made me know many colleagues and elites, but also accumulated work contacts. More importantly, it improved my vision, enhanced my overall view in dealing with problems, and enabled me to quickly improve my business ability and management ability in a very short time." Wang Jun used to be only engaged in project work. Now he takes into account hardware, ERP application development and a large number of management functions, and is able to do it with ease

in the interview, the most frequently mentioned words by Wang Jun are "overall view" and "height". When you think about it carefully, this is the refinement of what he said "pattern determines outcome". "New posts and new challenges, I will continue to improve myself and do better." For Wang Jun, this may just be the beginning. (Zhou Na)

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