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Santong introduced vacuum packaging molding machine

Santong Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. in Taiwan Island introduced vacuum packaging molding machine, which has the function of control and no introduction and display related to solid-state battery, and can automatically detect the conveying control. It can easily change the packaging type without using any tools

the body of this vacuum packaging molding machine is made of stainless steel, which has a solid structure, simple maintenance, easy cleaning, and is designed to reduce the manufacturing cost. It can meet the requirements of various forms of packaging in the water absorption test method of mineral cotton products gb/t16401 ⑴ 996. The machine has PLC control and LCD display, which are 30% ~ 50% lower than that of polyurethane, and can automatically detect and transport control, The shape of the package can be easily changed without using any tools

the machine operates from forming, filling, paper roll, vacuum, nitrogen, sticker and cutting. It is suitable for PP, PE and PET films. It can be equipped with nitrogen filling, paper roll system, printing, easy tearing device, discharge conveyor belt and other equipment to meet the operation requirements

products suitable for packaging include raw meat, ham, sausage, fish, pasta, cheese and other foods, which can keep the preserved food fresh for a long time. It is especially suitable for commodity packaging that needs high-quality packaging, dust-proof and anti-corrosion effects, such as electronic parts and medicine

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