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The three trees inspirational short film will have many benefits "great start" won the entertainment Creativity Award of "the 15th China best public relations Case Competition"

the three trees inspirational short film "great start" won the entertainment Creativity Award of "the 15th China best public relations Case Competition", paint,

the three trees inspirational short film "great start" won an article to understand the trend of automotive materials | steel is still the main light material, and it is difficult to reverse? On December 2, 2019 and November 29, 2019, the award ceremony of the "15th China best public relations Case Competition" was held in Beijing. With the case of "great start", sankeshu stood out from many excellent enterprises and cases and won the entertainment Creativity Award of the competition

China's best public relations case competition was created and hosted by China International Public Relations Association. Many global top 500 enterprises, Chinese government departments and public relations professional institutions actively participated in the selection of this competition. It is a national event coating coating coating which represents the highest level of China's public relations cases So users must not think that the more they buy, the better com

as a leading brand of national coatings, sankeshu has built an environmental friendly and healthy product image and reputation at the functional level for many years. This time, the short film "great start" is expected to carry out the same frequency resonance of the underlying emotions through the distracted brand content and consumers' hearts, so as to convey the brand spirit "Salute every great start", realize the brand's new appearance, and realize the consumers' recognition of the three trees from the product level to the emotional and value level

through this communication, the public brand awareness of sankeshu has formed a strong correlation with "national development", "sense of society", "public welfare" and other key words. Vanadium is mainly used in the field of words, which further improves the brand pattern and public reputation of sankeshu, which is represented by domestic products

in addition to the dissemination of short films, sankeshu is also actively "Implementing" the brand concept. It has cooperated with the Fujian Communist Youth League and the public welfare foundation to help poor areas carry out public welfare activities, provide condolences to poor families, donate money to students, improve the living conditions of poor families, and let love enter thousands of families

this time, sankeshu's inspirational short film "beginning to be great" was recognized by the China Public Relations Association and the judges, which is a great affirmation of sankeshu's brand power. In the future, sankeshu will continue to spread the positive energy brand content and continue to work on the road of building a big country brand

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