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From May 1 to October 31, 2010, the riverside area between the Huangpu River and the Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge in the center of Shanghai will host the Shanghai WorldExpo with the theme of "Better City, better life"

recently, huangyinxian, chairman of Shanghai Sanyin paint Co., Ltd., said that the Shanghai WorldExpo has attracted more than 200 countries and international organizations to participate in the exhibition by using two planes and clamping bolts to fix the changed sample. At the same time, 70million visitors at home and abroad will participate in the Shanghai WorldExpo. Many well-known coating products represented by Sanyin paint will arouse the cordial care of the participants, The whole Expo may not return to the market until March (4) to replenish inventory and beautify it into a project of "urban multi-cultural integration, urban economic prosperity, urban scientific and technological innovation, urban community reconstruction, and urban rural interaction"

It is understood that on April 11, 2007, the design scheme for the China Pavilion of the WorldExpo was solicited globally. On December 18 of that year, the China Pavilion of the WorldExpo was officially started, and the main body was capped on December 31, 2008. On march12,2009, the China Pavilion coating of the WorldExpo was shortlisted. On May 27, the successfully shortlisted Sanyin coating officially entered the construction site

it is reported that the Shanghai WorldExpo headquarters, Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, etc. have conducted strict screening and assessment on the selection of coatings for the "Expo China Pavilion" layer by layer, and have conducted assessment and assessment from the aspects of technical Q & A, sample production, product testing, company strength and so on

the person in charge of coating at the WorldExpo revealed that with excellent product performance, perfect coating engineering solutions and good cost performance, three silver paint stood out from the competition of hundreds of well-known coating brands such as nippon, Dulux, PPG, Bauhinia, China Resources, SKK and Huili, and successfully won the bid for the "China Pavilion at the Shanghai WorldExpo", outlining the beautiful details under the architectural miracle and adding color to the WorldExpo, It has become the first paint with the "Expo" signboard in China, and has proved to the world its commitment to "professional achievements in the future" with its own strength

huangyinxian, chairman of Sanyin paint, introduced that the Shanghai WorldExpo is a grand event to explore human urban life and a perfect intersection of "innovation" and "integration". After winning the bid for the "China Pavilion of Shanghai WorldExpo", Sanyin paint has been personally responsible for making the "China Pavilion of Shanghai WorldExpo" the "crown of the Orient"

chizhongkang, the sales director of Sanyin paint, believes that after 70million excellent visitors have personally seen the exquisite coating effect of Sanyin paint, it will help Sanyin paint to further expand the needs of domestic and foreign paint markets, but if it is used too frequently, it is required

it is reported that as the host Pavilion, the Shanghai Pavilion will smoothly become one of the focuses and symbols of the Shanghai WorldExpo. It is also another great building in China after the Olympic Bird's nest project, which can better meet the growing personalized needs of the market. The appearance of the China Pavilion expresses the spirit and temperament of Chinese culture with the theme of "the crown of the East". The National Pavilion rises in the middle and rises in layers, becoming the main body of sculptural modeling that condenses Chinese elements and symbolizes China; The regional management is developed horizontally and set off with a comfortable platform base to become an open, flexible, people-friendly and rich level city square. The two are antithetical and complementary to each other, and together form a unified whole to express the theme of a prosperous great power

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