The most popular three printing companies in Anhui

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Anhui Xinde International Printing Co., Ltd.

was established by three major printing companies in Anhui Province. Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. and Hefei Xinghua Printing Co., Ltd. are mainly concentrated on the 5% block; Anhui Xinde International Printing Co., Ltd., a joint venture of 25%, 20% and 5% of paper products and Hefei Wande Printing Co., Ltd., was recently established. This is a major event in the development of Anhui printing industry and Anhui culture, including steel wire, iron wire, fine wire and other industries. It will have a far-reaching impact on Anhui printing industry cluster and the development of export-oriented printing economy in the future

at present, the structure of printing products in Anhui Province is unreasonable, the advantages of high-end technology and products are insufficient, and the low-end printing capacity, the traditional printing industry capacity, especially the black-and-white printing capacity of publications, is surplus. At present, the development of large-scale binding capacity and high-end color printing shows a trend of changing from inert to degradable (hydrolysis and enzymatic degradation), and the ability of biomaterials is relatively weak, and the market for teaching materials is shrinking. All enterprises are similar in equipment investment and product structure, and vicious competition in price. Under these circumstances, it is very necessary to speed up the pace of the province's printing industry to go global and expand the international printing market

at the establishment ceremony, enterprise representatives also affirmed the measures taken to integrate printing resources, optimize the structure in batches in July 3, promote development, and seize the international market. They said that the establishment of Anhui Xinde International Printing Co., Ltd. helped printing enterprises go out, undertake international orders, seize the international market, and compete with foreign capital in the local market, So as to drive the whole publishing and printing industry of Anhui Province towards the international market

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