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Three provinces and four cities develop the golden triangle of the Yellow River from geographical advantages to development advantages. Three provinces and four cities develop the golden triangle of the Yellow River from geographical advantages to development advantages

Lushisheng, director of the office of the Yellow River golden triangle regional coordinated development Comprehensive Experimental Zone, said that the four cities are far away from their respective provincial capitals, but the Golden Triangle region is rich in resources and has a good foundation for coal and coal chemical industry, non-ferrous metal mining, agricultural product production and processing, equipment manufacturing, logistics and tourism

the golden triangle of the Yellow River is located near 30 ° n, which is the best apple production zone. The apple planting area and output here account for 20% and 30% of the country respectively. The average annual production capacity of fruit juice is tensile: force elongation, stress-strain; With 900000 tons of force time, elongation time and strain time, it is the largest concentrated apple juice processing base in China. At present, the region has formed a characteristic industrial chain economy of comprehensive utilization of apple base - concentrated fruit juice - fruit juice beverage - jam and vinegar - pectin - fruit residue

4 the city is located at the provincial border, and the logistics industry is very developed. Fanglue bonded logistics center, located in Houma City under the jurisdiction of Linfen City, is the only bonded logistics center in the golden triangle of the Yellow River. The logistics center has set up logistics nodes in the four ports of Tianjin, Qingdao, Rizhao and Lianyungang, the two land border ports of Erenhot and Alataw pass, and 16 major logistics cities in the southwest, northwest, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Haixi district; Tongguan Logistics Port in Tongguan County, Weinan City has a unique location and convenient transportation. At present, the infrastructure construction of the logistics port is in full swing. After completion, the annual freight trading volume will reach 20million tons and the trading volume will reach 50billion yuan

as one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization, there are 87 national cultural relics protection units in the golden triangle area of the Yellow River alone. Huashan Mountain, Hukou waterfall, Jiezhou Guandi temple, stork tower, Yongle Palace, Hongdong pagoda tree, Hangu pass... The unique tourism resources form the main image of the root ancestor culture tourism in the golden triangle. The tourist source and income of these scenic spots have increased year by year, which has also led to the development of paper cutting, painting, in fact, such small deformation of geotextile and other industries in the region

lushisheng told that the four cities belong to different administrative divisions, and there are obvious differences in the implementation of policies. In terms of economic cooperation, it directly leads to the competition of the same industries in different cities under unequal market conditions, and causes repeated construction, which restricts the allocation of regional resources, the orderly flow of production factors and the rational distribution of industries

the plan especially emphasizes the need to innovate the regional interest coordination mechanism. Support three provinces and four cities to jointly raise special funds, set up regional cooperation and development funds, and coordinate and solve interregional interest relations in cooperation

after the State Council approved the plan, Henan held a joint meeting of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, and Shaanxi and Shanxi held an executive meeting of the provincial government to conduct a special discussion on the implementation plan of the plan

Yangshuping, Secretary of Sanmenxia municipal Party committee, believes that the Golden Triangle region should break the "glass door", strengthen various cooperation mechanisms, establish systems such as joint meetings and rotating chairmen, and share resources, policies and other advantages among the four cities, rather than compete from their own perspectives

yuepuyu, the mayor of Linfen City, said that Linfen will drive Yuncheng and Weinan to jointly protect and govern the Fenhe River and the Weihe River through the demonstration role of the construction of the Baili Fenhe river ecological belt, establish a regional ecological cooperation framework, and work together to improve the water quality of the Yellow River

Xi Zhengping, mayor of Weinan City, said that there was strong competition among the four cities in the golden triangle. With the approval of the plan, the four cities should improve the regional environment, develop ecology, strengthen mutual integration, form internal benefit sharing and benefit cooperation mechanisms, and form regional competitiveness

lushisheng introduced that at present, the four cities in the Golden Triangle region have carried out some cooperation. On May 17 this year, the Shanxi Shaanxi Henan Yellow River Golden Triangle Fruit Industry Development Association and the Zhengzhou Fruit Tree Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on jointly building a "modern fruit comprehensive test demonstration base", hoping to strengthen the cultivation of fruit industry and rural fruit farmers, and cultivate a group of modern fruit farmers who understand science and technology, love science and are good at management. At the same time, new fruit varieties suitable for the Golden Triangle region of the Yellow River are bred and popularized to create a foundation for the renewal of fruit varieties. At the end of 2012, Sanmenxia entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau set up the National Key Laboratory for fruit and vegetable juice testing. Shenlei, deputy director of the Bureau, introduced that the laboratory is an important testing technology service platform in the Golden Triangle region

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