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In the process of decorating the new house, the decoration materials will be used, such as paint, paint, wood, plywood, etc. They contain different levels of ammonia, formaldehyde, ethylene, benzene, methanol and other harmful gases. After the decoration of the new house was put aside for a period of time, the toxic substances in the house were blown out of the house by the wind. Although the owner could not smell the smell, it did not disappear, and there were still toxic substances in the decoration objects. If you check in at this time, the decorated new house will emit a certain degree of toxic gas. If indoor pollution is not cleaned up, it will do great harm to human body in the future

how long the new house can be occupied after decoration is related to the content of formaldehyde in the room. Formaldehyde has a strong irritant effect on skin and mucosa. When inhaled in high concentration, human body will have serious irritation and edema of respiratory tract, eye irritation, headache, allergic dermatitis, bronchial asthma and even cancer. How to realize environmental protection decoration and live as soon as possible? It is recommended to use olaiman solid wood dado, so that decoration pollution has nowhere to escape! As an E0 grade zero formaldehyde material, the formaldehyde content of olaiman background wall meets the national testing standards, which can ensure the health and environmental protection of home decoration from the material. Facts have proved that: the overall background wallboard = air purifier + check in in in advance + no ventilation drying room. Under normal circumstances, the installation of solid wood wall panels will solve the problems of formaldehyde, odor, mildew and so on. The overall background wallboard saves time and labor, and can be completed with only one material and one process. Green decoration without paint, on-site assembly, 15 days of installation and living without ventilation. Starting from zero formaldehyde, olaiman background wall makes your new home more fashionable, intimate and healthy





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