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Peng Sheng's hydropower renovation project was not done by the decoration company, but by a professional hydropower company. In this case, communication becomes particularly important. As an owner, Peng Sheng may need to pay more attention. Peng Sheng took advantage of the opportunity to go on a business trip to do “ Deserters &rdquo

house information: 62 ㎡

decoration style: simple and modern

decoration method: half package

community: Airport nanpingli

decoration progress: Hydropower transformation

decoration duration: 7 days

June 3, 2013

main work:

1. On the first day of hydropower transformation, slotting

2. Before the window is installed, install the external unit of the air conditioner first, and the air conditioner hole has been punched

tomorrow's work plan: 1. Hydropower transformation enters the second day; 2. Install the window frame (glass reservation)

June 4, 2013

complete all the planned work of yesterday today:

1. Install the window frame; You can also see the colored striped cloth, which makes you feel much bigger all of a sudden

2. Change the heating; The master is cutting the heating, and sparks are splashing, which is very beautiful. The heating head has been sealed, waiting for a new “ Master &rdquo

3. Sell the waste heating and water pipes. There are 39 pieces of heating in our family, many! I finally got some money back. I didn't have much money, but I was very happy

4. Continue the hydropower transformation. After looking at the guy who ate with the worker's eldest brother, he snapped the line first and then slotted. The slotting pen was straight





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