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Now some people like to customize their own bookcases. After all, bookcases play a great role at home, not only to beautify the whole study, but also to accommodate a large number of books. Therefore, some people like to pursue their favorite personalized bookcases, so they will choose to customize them. Now let's learn some prerequisites and maintenance methods after bookcases are customized

premise of customized bookcase note

1. Since you want to customize the bookcase, you should choose the material of customized bookcase. Before customization, we should decide which material to use to make your bookcase, which can meet the effect you want. Generally speaking, the thicker and denser the bookcase material, the stronger the bookcase and the longer its service life

2. For bookcase customization, you should also explain the style of bookcase you want with the customized manufacturer. We should also pay attention to whether its process is fine. Generally, the edge banding is done by machine, so that it is uniform and strong, and it is very flat without the feeling of roughness. The bookcase backboard with good quality will have installation slots to ensure the stability of the bookcase

3. Before customizing the bookcase, you should also know whether the bookcase you want can be suitable for your family layout. Therefore, when choosing the bookcase, you must pay attention to the harmony with other furniture and family structure layout. Only the bookcase that conforms to the family style can play the role and function of finishing the whole family

maintenance method after bookcase customization

1. After bookcase customization, the surface of bookcase should be cleaned with detergent first, and the corners of each bookcase should be cleaned. After cleaning, wipe it dry with a dry cloth, and decide which area it should be placed in the study. If there is a humid environment, desiccant can be used to remove the humidity

2. When determining the location of the bookcase, the bookcase should be kept at a certain distance from the wall to prevent the contact of acid and alkali liquids in the bookcase and prevent the bookcase from being corrupted. The action should be light when using the bookcase drawer to prevent violent impact

3. If there are a large number of books, they should be placed in different types. Large or heavy books should be placed on the lower layer of the bookcase as far as possible to avoid crushing the bookcase partition. It will also be very convenient to take books

summary: the above are all about the premise and maintenance methods of customized bookcases. I hope it can better protect your books and let you have a more comfortable reading space




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