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The certificate number is: (05511p1060008r0m)

China environmental labeling product certification is the most authoritative certification of green products and environmental protection products in China, also known as the ten ring certification, which represents the official recognition of product quality and environmental performance. The Ministry of environmental protection designated the central United (Beijing) Certification Center (the environmental certification center of the Ministry of environmental protection) as the only certification body

Mr. sunlifu, the top leader of the company, the general manager of the company, attaches great importance to the certification of environmental labels, and has always led the development direction of the company's products with the innovative idea of process development with quality first and environmental protection first; And put forward that we must pass the certification of China environmental label in 2011! Since the second half of 2010, Mr. Huang Haisheng, senior assistant to the general manager of the company and director of the enterprise management department, and Mr. Yu Yifei, deputy general manager of the technology department have been personally responsible for the certification work. The project team of the company carefully cooperates with the expert group of the central United Certification Center to review all production links of our company, from the procurement of raw materials suppliers to the various reviews in the production process to the authoritative evaluation of Guilin environmental protection department, and then to the comprehensive and comprehensive document review, on-site inspection, sample testing, expert review and other stages of multi criteria review of authoritative product quality inspection of the national testing department; Finally, it was determined that the products of Weimai company fully comply with the requirements of national environmental protection standards, and in July 2011, China environmental labeling product certification was issued to our company. The sign has clear product technical requirements, and clearly stipulates various indicators and detection methods of products. It is a national environmental protection standard; It is an official logo




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