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The UAV keeps an eye on the rapid disposal of the lake head, and Wuhan first promotes the all-weather management and protection of rivers, lakes and canals

the transformation of the management and protection mechanism of rivers, lakes and canals in Wuhan Development Zone (Hannan District) has improved the water quality of Tanghu and other lakes as a whole, photographed by Li Yonggang of the Yangtze River

at about 9 a.m. on October 8, in the working group of river and lake heads in Wuhan Development Zone (Hannan District), The person in charge of the district head office of rivers and lakes uploaded a photo taken by UAV patrolling Niuhai Lake in recent years: a pile of garbage suspected of being left by open-air barbecue appeared on the grassland beside the lake. After receiving the order that many customers expected the price to rise, the river and lake manager of Dongjing Street sent cleaners to clean up. Half an hour later, photos of the restored clean grass were uploaded to the work group

behind the installation of "heavenly eye" for lakes, timely detection and rapid disposal are the profound changes in the management and protection mechanism of rivers, lakes and canals in Wuhan Development Zone (Hannan District) - from handling complaints to actively inspecting and finding problems; From doing one thing, wipe the surface without painting, and then wipe it with cotton yarn with a little engine oil once again, until it is fully included in the budget; From hiring temporary workers to recruiting full-time personnel for management and protection; From only managing and protecting the waters listed in the municipal river and lake protection list to covering all rivers, lakes and ditches in the whole region; From District Street River Lake leader to village (community) river lake leader. This is the first in the city

Wuhan Development Zone (Hannan District) recently issued the work plan on Further Strengthening the management and maintenance of rivers, lakes and canals in the region. The management and protection scope covers important water bodies in the region, including 16 rivers and 26 lakes listed in the municipal protection list, 99 canals and 16 other water bodies in the region. According to the principle of territorial management, special management and protection classes have been established in 7 streets in the region. The scheme also formulates the standard of management and protection cost. The annual cost of class I protected lakes is 0.5 yuan per square meter, and that of other rivers, lakes and ditches is 0.4 yuan per square meter. The annual budget for river and lake management and protection was nearly 30 million yuan

at the same time, the area fully implements the "six essentials for Lake governance" (rivers and ditches are also implemented with reference). The "six essentials" are divided into "Shore" and "water", each of which has three important things. The former is pollution interception, impurity removal and shore consolidation in turn, and the latter is cultivation prohibition, dredging and water exchange in turn. Six things complement each other and are indispensable

the focus of pollution interception is on enterprises. The District Environmental Protection Bureau has entrusted Wuhan survey and Design Institute to investigate the enterprises around 26 lakes in the region. Among them, 87 enterprises around Tanghu lake, Northwest Lake, muddy lake and Wanjia lake have been investigated. With the help of pipeline endoscope imaging, the design institute has drawn a map of underground drainage pipes for each enterprise. It is clear at a glance how the pipes are going, whether there are stolen drainage, mixed drainage and wrong connection, and how to rectify them

the progress of miscellaneous work is faster. According to the deployment, the impurity removal of all lakes (including miscellaneous trees, weeds, vegetable fields, random erection, etc.) will be completed by October 1, restoring the clear, clean and tidy shorelines of 26 lakes

strengthening the lake shore and banning aquaculture are also stepping up

desilting is a policy for one lake. After the detection and analysis of the lake sediment, the treatment scheme is determined. Some are solidified in situ, and some are sucked up and then dried. The cutter suction dredger on the Northwest Lake has sucked more than 100000 cubic meters of sludge from the bottom of the lake. The sludge is processed into mud cake in the drying workshop and can be used for greening after passing the inspection

cut off the source of external pollutants and improve the self purification capacity of the lake. Tanghu lake, which has a good foundation, has built an artificial subsurface flow wetland to let the lake water naturally permeate and filter. The triangle lake has to draw 10000 cubic meters of lake water every day and filter it on more than 100 mu of wetland to promote circulation. For lakes that have lost their circulation function, first change the water directly, and then treat them step by step

"consolidate the foundation and improve the water quality as a whole through the 'six key points for Lake governance', supplemented by daily management and protection to form a long-term mechanism." The person in charge of Wuhan Development Zone (Hannan District) said, "work together to make the water environment of the development zone a higher level and make the people more hydrophilic and happy with water."

(Hu Hanmin)


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