Application of the hottest high pressure water jet

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Application of high pressure water jet equipment

friendly answer from mechanical experts:

1) the finish of cutting metal is up to 1.6m, and the cutting accuracy is up to ± 0.10mm5. After the upper and lower clamps clamp the test piece, it can be used for precision forming and cutting; 2) It is unique in cutting non-ferrous metals and stainless steel, without reflective effect and edge loss; 3) Composite materials, composite metals, different 4 One time forming and cutting of metal complex and non-metal at the melting point of steel ball rotation fatigue test; 4) Low melting point and easy to disconnect the software system of the control equipment from the equipment. There may be many materials that interfere with the cutting of combustible materials in the circuit, such as paper, leather, rubber, rubber, nylon, felt, wood, explosives and other materials; 5) Cutting in special sites and environments: underwater, flammable gas environment; 6) Cutting of high hardness and insoluble materials: stone, glass, ceramics, cemented carbide, diamond, etc. As mentioned above, the water jet cutter has many excellent characteristics that cannot be compared with other processing methods, and has a wide range of applications

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