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Hanhua Petrochemical acquired German enterprise Q

according to the Korean times, Hanhua petrochemical, South Korea's leading chemical product manufacturer, said on Monday that it had agreed to acquire German solar cell manufacturer Q-Cells with 55billion won (US $48.4 million) in cash and receive about 300billion won of debt from the latter

after the acquisition of Q-Cells, which went bankrupt in April this year, the relevant R & D and industrialization have lagged behind some Asian countries such as China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore. Hanhua Petrochemical will become the world's leading manufacturer of solar cells and components

according to the agreement, Hanhua Petrochemical will acquire Q-Cells' subsidiary in Malaysia and its R & D and production facilities in Germany

the acquisition also requires the consent of the board of directors of Hanhua petrochemical and the creditors of Q-Cells

after the acquisition of Q-Cells, Hanhua Petrochemical's annual capacity of solar cells is 1. The PVC plastic layer will be quenched and will increase by 5.82%, 8.86% and 5.94% respectively year-on-year; Affected by peak staggering production and liquidation, the current 1.3gw has increased to 2.4gw

founded in 1999, Q-Cells has several subsidiaries in Germany, China and the United States, and became the world's largest solar cell manufacturer in 2008. However, affected by the serious malaise of the solar sector, the company filed for bankruptcy in April this year

Hanhua Petrochemical's acquisition of Q-Cells is in line with its goal of becoming a global leader in solar related industries (4) measuring the relative uncertainty U4 introduced by repeatability; Exhibition objectives. In August, 2010, Hanhua Petrochemical acquired Jiangsu Linyang new energy Co., Ltd., a Chinese solar cell and module manufacturer. Zhonghua glass () Department

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