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Hangzhou tempered glass tempered glass protective film arc

with the intelligent transformation of functions, a huge industrial chain has also been formed in accessories in recent years, of which the protective film is one of the typical ones. There are many kinds of screen protective films on the market, but they generally rely on the transparent film materials attached to the screen by static electricity and adhesives. The disadvantages of this type of product are easy to fall off, blister, short service life, not scratch resistant, not earthquake resistant, not easy to paste, etc. But now there is a new type of protective film on the market - toughened glass screen protective film will not be troubled by the above problems

today, I will show you the detailed manufacturer of arc surface of tempered glass protective film

Xinyi Glass Holdings Co., Ltd.

products cover high-quality float glass, automotive glass, building energy-saving glass and ultra-thin electronic glass products

Shenzhen zhongshiyu Industrial (glass) Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen zhongshiyu Industrial (glass) Co., Ltd. is a trading enterprise focusing on the wholesale and retail of raw materials for cover glass. China's industry has developed rapidly, mainly engaged in imported and domestic original films; Including Corning Glass; Asahi Glass; Xuhong glass; Ultra white glass; Interpretation of symbols for float glass metal fatigue testing machine; Electric nitrate; panda; rainbow; CSG; Lobo, wait

Shenzhen huaweiliang Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

the main products are various new degradable materials with slightly higher cost, three prevention Corning covers, industrial control Corning panels, smart home panels, windows glass panels, 2D. 2。 5D cover plate moisture content ≤ 0.10%, car rearview mirror 2. 5D lens and other special glass panels

Shijiazhuang Runmu decorative materials Co., Ltd.

the company has advanced equipment for the large-scale production of hot bending glass, tempered glass, furniture glass makeup mirrors, color matching mirrors, shower rooms, etc., forming a rich product structure. It is a safe choice for the decoration of modern homes, hotels, hotels, entertainment places, commercial office spaces

Huizhou Wanshun glass products Co., Ltd.

processes lighting glass, electronic glass, home appliance panel glass, furniture glass, furniture base glass, street lamp glass, automobile headlamp glass, etc

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