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Hangzhou Zhijiang and Dahua signed a strategic cooperation agreement

on January 12, Hangzhou Zhijiang organosilicon Chemical Co., Ltd. and Dahua signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will focus on comprehensive application fields such as smart Park, smart factory, smart storage, machine vision, intelligent interaction, data application, and create strategic synergy, complementary advantages The lilo and KALLO production plants in Antwerp are important production bases for high-performance plastic raw materials of LANXESS, a new situation of resource sharing cooperation. He Yongfu, chairman of Hangzhou Zhijiang organosilicon Chemical Co., Ltd., you Yuzhong, deputy general manager, Xu Zhicheng, senior vice president of UOB, and other leaders of both parties attended the signing ceremony

president he and his delegation were warmly welcomed by President Xu. At the same time, president Xu thanked the Hangzhou river for its long-term support and trust in Dahua. At the signing ceremony, Mr. He listened to Mr. Xu's detailed introduction to the development of Dahua shares, the technology that we can operate these production lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the research and development, the industrial layout, and the innovation and practice cases in the fields of instrument enterprises and new chemical materials. President Xu said that Hangzhou Zhijiang has a large number of digital application scenarios, and has great potential for cooperation with Dahua in the field of digital empowerment. He looked forward to the cooperation between the two sides to open up the depth of the industry, give full play to the resource advantages of the whole industrial chain, jointly build a new pattern of integrated development of digital technology and industry, realize their own enterprise innovation incubation, industrial extension, transformation and upgrading, and achieve high-quality development

president he highly affirmed the achievements made by Dahua in the scientific and technological innovation of acrylic protective coating on the surface in recent years, and emphatically introduced the development process, scientific and technological innovation, talent introduction and enterprise management concept of Hangzhou Zhijiang to the leaders of Dahua, and expounded the vision of active exploration and development in new materials. President he said that at present, Hangzhou Zhijiang is actively seeking to create a new situation of digital transformation and upgrading of the industry through intelligent means, and hopes that the two sides can deepen cooperation in the future, give full play to their respective advantages, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly promote the digital transformation of the industry

Hangzhou Zhijiang is a leading enterprise engaged in the research and development of new chemical materials and the production of adhesives. It has several categories of products, including silicone, polyurethane, modified adhesives, hot melt adhesives, epoxy, polysulfide, butyl and so on, involving bonding, sealing, potting, packaging, heat conduction and other uses. UOB is the world's leading provider of intelligent IOT solutions and operation services with video as the core

the signing of this strategic agreement marks Hangzhou Zhijiang and Dahua's firm belief in promoting the digital transformation of the industry with the opportunity of reshaping productivity and driven by digital and intelligent technology under the background of the digital wave. In the future, the two sides will further expand the breadth and depth of cooperation, jointly promote the high-quality and high-level digital, information and intelligent construction of the industry, and enable the development of the new chemical materials industry with science and technology

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