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Hangzhou Pinxiang 2019 annual summary and 2020 work planning meeting came to a successful conclusion

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from January 10 to 11, 2020, Hangzhou Pinxiang enterprise management conference was held on the beautiful Fuchun River. On the basis of summarizing the company's operation and management work in the month, this meeting clarified the work ideas, work directions, work objectives and key work of all departments in 2020 and even in the future

at the beginning of the meeting, Ni Xuqing, the manager of the operation Department, reported the sales situation in 2019. In 2019, Hangzhou Pinxiang completed the goals set at the beginning of the year, setting a new record of single month performance. Among them, regular customers contribute more than half of the sales, which shows the market's recognition and trust in the brand's capacity of 26million tons

whether LabVIEW is a virtual instrument software development tool based on graphical programming language launched by American NI torsion spring torsion tester test principle company, or a product or a service, Pinxiang's team has always been pursuing to be better. In 2019, Hangzhou Pinxiang participated in more than 50 exhibitions and annual meetings such as Shanghai International corrugation exhibition, Wuhan household paper exhibition, Quzhou special paper exhibition, and swop2019 packaging world (Shanghai) Expo. It also cooperated with China Packaging Federation to organize a nationwide training course for corrugated box quality inspectors who may have abnormal CPU working frequency (11.0592Mhz)

then, manager Chen of the general department made a detailed summary of the company's comprehensive management and financial expenditure, and made a financial work plan for 2020. In 2019, the general affairs department completed the task excellently, and all work was organized, providing a firm guarantee for the normal operation of Pinxiang. At the same time, the general affairs department also organized group building activities such as spring outings and Sanya Hainan tourism for employees, which enhanced the friendship between colleagues and the communication between departments

then, President Wang of the production department reported on the production situation in 2019. Compared with 2018, the production department in 2019 was more orderly. When the set goals were achieved, it often received special orders from customers, personalized customization, and strengthened the competitiveness of the brand. During the peak sales season, the production department worked overtime to ensure the normal delivery of orders. In 2020, the production department will continue to provide customers with high-quality products

in 2019, under the leadership of manager Guo of the R & D department, the R & D team not only shouldered the pressure of new systems and new products coming into the market, but also developed a new F series interconnected intelligent detection instrument. This series of products upgrades the original modular platform again, has the function of data cloud storage, and realizes intelligent data management and analysis

then, manager Li of the customer service department shared the work situation in 2019 and kept the customer's instruments in a normal state according to the company's "principle of preventive maintenance". The after-sales team is dedicated and diligent, which is the strong backing of sales. Preventive maintenance has achieved results and has been widely praised in the market. In 2020, the after-sales team will strengthen customer service, continue to do preventive maintenance well, and improve customer satisfaction

then, participants from all departments also shared their work in 2019 and analyzed and planned the work tasks in 2020

the meeting ended smoothly under the summary of general manager suhongbo. President Su was very satisfied with the work of all departments. While reviewing the overall operation of the company in 2019, he also made a detailed strategic deployment for the work tasks in 2020

2019 is over. I believe that under the leadership of President Su, Hangzhou Pinxiang will create another brilliant year in 2020! The communication of all departments will be smoother, the procedures will be more standard, and the comprehensive quality of the team will be comprehensively improved, so as to provide customers with better services and create greater value

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