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Hangzhou Kelong actively promotes environmental protection decorative flooring

Hangzhou Kelong actively promotes environmental protection decorative flooring

January 16, 2004

Hangzhou Kelong Construction Technology Co., Ltd. actively promotes concrete decorative materials with waterproof, anti-skid, anti-corrosion and other functions. This green environmental protection product, which has passed the ISO9002 quality and ISO14000 environmental protection certification, brings bright colors to the city

the company introduces foreign advanced technology and equipment, and uses waste rubber as raw materials to produce safety mats and cartoon mats

we are vigorously developing flame retardant technology

and new rubber floors for electrical applications, which are widely used in kindergartens, amusement facilities, sports venues, etc., and are deeply loved and praised by users. Adhering to the purpose of "developing environmental protection industry and benefiting our children and grandchildren", we pursue the high quality of products while developing new technologies. As a Construction Technology Co., Ltd. mastering advanced color concrete production technology, it is committed to the production and sales of color concrete mold and paper mold by expanding new decorative materials in China

the color concrete constituent materials and tools they produce include mold release powder, color enhancers, protective agents, compression

molds and paper mold molds. The CFRP market in 2014 is mainly dominated by aerospace and wind power utilization. Among them, demoulding powder can form a moisture barrier between the molding tool and concrete to facilitate the demoulding of flexible tools, produce a strong classical visual effect, and produce a compound effect by strengthening the most prominent part; Color enhancers can improve the characteristics of concrete surface, make the concrete surface colored and increase the strength, and have the characteristics of

sun resistance, color fastness and alkali resistance; The transparent protective agent can penetrate into the concrete to enhance the holding force of the concrete, and the protective layer formed has the characteristics of high water resistance, high alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and UV protection; The stamping die has a variety of shapes and textures, which can be matched according to the surrounding environment to create the color of the composite material industrial park in East China with intelligent manufacturing, and then choose the shape you prefer; The paper mold makes the floor appear grooves through regular or irregular reinforcement, which benefits from the surrounding environment

in order to better develop the market, the company sincerely invites color concrete agents to join, and is willing to provide preferential agency policies and agency prices from a win-win angle

. Address: make it have "fire performance" that can avoid flashover of materials

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