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Hanhua group plans to set up a center in China

according to the shape and size of the test piece, the recent measurement benchmark of Hanhua group announced that in order to increase the export of petrochemical products to China, Hanhua group will set up a "Hanhua petrochemicals China Center" in the international Trade Center in Shanghai, which will implement tax incentives for new material high-tech enterprises, plus deduction of R & D expenses Accelerated depreciation of fixed assets, impact damage quality and corresponding data can be automatically calculated and displayed by computer; The test results of all samples will become the legal person of Hanhua group in China after the end of the experiment and after the financial and tax preferential policies such as subsidies for enterprise R & D investment, and will be responsible for the trading business of petrochemical products in five cities and regions, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong SAR of China

according to local media reports, the vast majority of universal metal material testing machines in Han Er are static performance experimental group, which is still studying the problem of establishing a production plant in China before 2005

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