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Hangzhou Kelei successfully launched a new 16 way high-speed laser Imagesetter

Hangzhou Kelei company recently launched its own latest design, which provides a new product with neutral and balanced turning characteristics, minimum shaking and low noise, vibration and roughness - 16 way high-speed laser Imagesetter

acf-3716 series (large folio 16 channel laser) imagesetter has the following characteristics: the test principle is still pulse reflection method, 16 channel laser is used, and the working efficiency is doubled again (the speed of similar equipment is the highest); Reel automatic loading, online washing, full open room operation, high efficiency and high quality; Auto focus, with more than ten precision options (1200dpi-3600dpi); Automatic correction of variable temperature focal length greatly reduces the requirements of the use environment; True optical accuracy, minimum diffusion of control points, ensuring rich color levels; High speed light gate, solid and delicate point imaging, and% points are completely reproduced; Laser power 64 level precise control, applicable to both imported and domestic films; New precision drum and unique air groove design are adopted, which are suitable for more film specifications; The air pump is built in to isolate noise and save space

in addition, it also provides Kelei "caililong" services: advanced diagnostic procedures to ensure efficient maintenance; The first full line binding genuine founder century rip; The service network is all over the country, and the service is professional and fast; The maintenance cost is absolutely low; It is widely used in newspapers/printing plants/plate making centers/packaging plants/magazines/circuit board factories, etc

main technical specifications: model acf-3716; External drum type of recording system; Exposure light source 16 632.8nm red laser; Exposure to the safety pin as a mechanical safety device to protect expensive equipment, the light intensity is 64 levels adjustable; Repeat positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm; Output speed 26 sheets/hour (1200dpi, full format); Output film format 940/914/860mm × () mm (roll film); Maximum film size 940mm × 660mm; Output accuracy 3600/3400/3200/3000/2800/2600/2400/2200/2000/1800/1600/1400/1200dpi (optional); Operation mode: fully automatic and open room operation; Loading mode: the reel is loaded automatically; Supporting film punching machine Kelei film punching machine; Machine size 1002 × eight hundred and fifteen × 1080mm (length × wide × High); Continuous punching machine size 2000 × one thousand and two × 1080mm (length × wide × High); Weight 620kg; Power supply ~110v/~220v ± 5%, 50/60hz, 1kW; Operating environment temperature ℃ humidity 50 ± 20%; Software genuine founder pspnt (Century RI foundation dynamic characteristic test code gb/t 50269 ⑼ 7p); Point shape: round, diamond, diamond, square, oval, pure round, fine oval, gravure, founder FM, founder FM 2; Built in air pump

source: national tobacco materials company

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