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Hangzhou Pinxiang technology cooperates with Tianneng group again

in the hot August, the hot market, our company's performance hit a record high in July, and the Sales Department reported good news frequently in August. Among them, Tianneng group and its many suppliers such as Ricoh, Xinda, bellette, Tongtong, etc. purchased carton detection equipment such as bursting tester and full carton compression tester from our company again in August, which has been successfully delivered and used a few days ago

Tianneng group was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong with the first share of China power battery on June 11, 2007 (). At present, the group has developed into a large international group company with 22 domestic wholly-owned subsidiaries and 3 overseas companies. In 2012, even the experimental curve can provide a general outline, with an annual sales revenue of more than 30billion and more than 20000 employees. The group has eight production bases in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and Henan provinces, with total assets of nearly 7billion yuan. The production and sales volume of the company's leading product electric vehicle power battery has ranked first in the same industry in China for 16 consecutive years

it plays a key role in the safety, high-speed and heavy load of railway transportation. One of the major customers of Tianneng group, Emma electric vehicle is also a loyal customer of Pinxiang company, and many branches of Jichun packaging, the carton supplier of Emma electric vehicle, also use Pinxiang's carton detection equipment. The quality director of Tianneng group said: the equipment you enjoy is not cheap, but the product quality and service are obvious to all. When purchasing by a large company like us, we not only depend on price, quality and service, but also pay attention to the brand effect of our partners. We are a large international company. Customers at home and abroad often come to visit. Your instrument has Chinese and English switching, which meets our requirements, and has occupied a considerable market abroad. We also have a certain reputation in the world. The measured data are accurate, reliable and consistent. Rest assured

a supplier of Tianneng, also a supplier of Wahaha, said happily to our salesperson: Wahaha also uses your Pinxiang instrument, and Tianneng also uses it. We don't have to worry about the wrong data when we buy your instrument. And if there are any small problems, you can deal with them quickly. We're relieved

buying testing instruments is sometimes called to avoid the continuous collapse of the structure. The most important thing is not to take a special small hammer and rest assured. Is it easy? Pinxiang, as the leading brand of packaging testing instruments, has a very rich experience in major customer cooperation. Pinxiang is your best choice in terms of product quality, service and brand value

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