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Hangzhou Shandong laser particle sizer micro nano particle instrument advocates action

Hangzhou Shandong laser particle sizer micro nano particle instrument advocates action

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and used winner to test the particle size of this series of products. The products have good film-forming property, slow-release effect, long duration of effect, safe and harmless to seeds, promote seedling growth and development, and improve crop yield. Through large-scale experiments Demonstration use has significant economic and social benefits. The company's continuous purchase of Jinan micro nano particle material testing machine is a mechanical testing machine for tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear, stripping and other mechanical properties of materials. The two instruments of the Co., Ltd. have achieved remarkable results, and have now led the seed coating industry to recognize the particle size meter. At present, great progress has been made in the research and promotion of seed coating technology in China, Seed coating technology for corn, wheat, soybean, cotton and other crops has been widely used, but the coating technology still needs further development

with the promulgation and implementation of China's regulations and technical specifications such as the pesticide administration regulations, the implementation measures of the pesticide administration regulations, and the code for the preparation of seed coating product standards, the management of China's seed coating Hangzhou Shandong laser particle sizer has begun to enter the track of legal management, and China's seed coating will develop in the following aspects: the structure of the seed coating industry is more reasonable, with the continuous deepening and development of China's pesticide management, The increasing supervision and testing of seed coating market, the introduction of reform policies, and the road of strong combination and intensification will certainly be the development direction of China's seed coating industry. 5. Signal waveform. In addition, biological pesticide seed coating will develop rapidly because of its lower harm to human and animal health and the environment than traditional agricultural drugs. Its market share will be larger and larger, and the quality and technical content of products will be improved, The promotion prospect is broader. How to completely disperse the agglomerated magnetic material powder is the primary premise to obtain the correct particle size detection results. The patented dry laser particle sizer winner of Jinan Weina company can thoroughly disperse the magnetic particles and directly test them without demagnetization, so as to obtain the particle size and particle size distribution of the original particles of the magnetic particles

this plays an extremely critical guiding role in improving the performance of magnetic materials. The world's annual demand for magnetic materials and finished magnet products is steadily rising. However, due to the overcapacity in the global ferrite and rare earth fields, only high-quality products have the opportunity to win the market, and the detection and control of product particle size distribution is one of the key factors to ensure product quality, It is very important for manufacturers and users to adopt correct particle size detection methods to obtain the true particle size and particle size distribution of magnetic material powder. What method should be selected to detect the particle size of these magnetic materials? With the rapid development of laser technology, photoelectric technology and computer technology in the 1970s, laser particle sizer has a wide range of testing and simple operation, Fast non-contact and good repeatability have been widely used. Laser diffraction is the most appropriate method to measure particle size and particle size distribution. Due to the special properties of magnetic materials, it is necessary to adopt special dispersion methods for magnetic materials

is it possible to disperse directly without demagnetization? Is it more reliable and accurate to test with dry dispersion or wet dispersion? In order to answer the above questions, our company has done a lot of experiments to find the best test method. First, we use the traditional wet dispersion for particle size detection. There are many factors that affect the dispersion effect in wet dispersion, The vast majority will choose ultrasonic to disperse Shandong particle size analyzer or add dispersants to the dispersion liquid to help disperse. Different dispersants have different effects on dispersion, but there is no way to disperse it into a single particle, and the agglomeration is still very serious. From the experimental results, we can find that it is impossible to agglomerate magnetic materials by dispersing and testing with wet dispersion, At the same time, no unit can provide solvents or dispersants for dispersing magnetic materials (including ferroboron, hard ferrite, etc.), so dry dispersion can be considered for particle size detection

Jinan Weina company combined the patented dry dispersion technology with the laser system for the first time, and developed the first laser particle size analyzer in China. This achievement was hailed as a milestone innovation by the powder industry Chongqing particle instrument industry and won the "third prize for scientific and technological progress in Shandong Province". Since then, a new change has taken place in the field of laser particle size detection, This means that the vast majority of dry powders of powder materials can be directly tested by dry dispersion, and it does not need to spend a lot of time and energy to find suitable solvents and dispersants in order to test the particle size. In conclusion, the dry excitation particle size meter developed by Jinan Weina company (-) can thoroughly and effectively disperse magnetic materials, so as to obtain the original particle size and particle size distribution of magnetic materials, We believe that the real-time dry sampling, dispersion and particle size testing system enables the fully automated particle size monitoring and process control of the industrial production of magnetic materials. On the one hand, the error in the sampling process is avoided, on the other hand, the safety of the production process is more guaranteed. The laser particle size analyzer analyzes the particle size distribution by measuring the diffraction (scattering spectrum) of the particle group, so the inversion of the scattering spectrum is of great significance

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