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Hangzhou Machinery Group successfully solved the problems in the hydraulic parts processing industry

Hangzhou Machinery Group successfully solved the problems in the hydraulic parts processing industry

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Guide: as one of the signs of revolutionary changes in the world's construction machinery industry, hydraulic mechanical transmission instead of mechanical transmission is known as a subversive technology. However, insiders have described the current situation of China's hydraulic parts industry as the darkness before dawn. For a long time, the domestic hydraulic parts industry has

as one of the signs of revolutionary changes in the world's construction machinery industry, hydro mechanical transmission instead of mechanical transmission is known as a disruptive technology

however, insiders once described the current situation of China's hydraulic parts industry - the darkness before dawn. For a long time, there are two recognized technical problems in the domestic hydraulic parts industry: one is the rotor slot processing of vane pumps and other products, and the other is the cycloid gear machining. The processing of these two workpieces has become the production bottleneck of the hydraulic parts industry, which restricts the development of production

however, the CNC creep feed powerful forming grinder series successfully developed by Zhejiang Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Machine Tool Group) seems to be expected to break the pre dawn darkness of the hydraulic parts industry

in recent years, Hangzhou Machinery Group has continuously invested in the development of CNC creep feed powerful forming grinder series products, actively studied the grinding process, and solved the grinding problems of rotor slots and cycloid wheels. At present, the high-efficiency machining machine tools provided by it have been applied in actual production and have been highly praised and welcomed by the hydraulic parts industry

the first breakthrough

in many pump products in the hydraulic parts industry, especially vane pumps, vane oil motors, rotors and stators are the most important components. In the processing of these parts, especially the grinding of rotor slots is the most critical. Because the accuracy of the rotor slot has a great impact on the pump, the rotor of the vane pump has high geometric accuracy and dimensional accuracy. In addition, the dimensional accuracy, geometric tolerance and surface roughness of its parts are strict, and its processing is also difficult. As an important hydraulic component, the quality improvement of vane oil pump is very critical to the technical progress of hydraulic parts industry. In the process of rotor machining, the core technology is notch grinding

although relevant manufacturers in the domestic grinding machine industry can also manufacture special grinding machines for rotor slots in batches, at the same time, in recent years, some machine tool plants manufacturing such equipment have emerged in China, which can meet the general needs of users in the hydraulic parts industry. However, compared with the foreign advanced level, the domestic special grinding machine for rotor slots can not meet the needs of users in terms of machining accuracy, accuracy consistency, production efficiency, humanization of operation and so on. Therefore, in the hydraulic parts industry, some manufacturers still rely on imported machine tools for grinding machines used for rotor slot finishing, such as the displacement of valve cores of internationally renowned brands is proportional to the input current of torque motors, pipe stretching, tightening fixtures, etc. Blohm and maegerle of SLF grinding machine group, yasda of Japan, and especially maegerle grinding machine company of Switzerland

in recent years, with the technological progress, the hydraulic parts industry has increasingly strict requirements for rotor slot accuracy, surface roughness and processing efficiency, and the application of large-size rotors is also gradually increasing. For example, the hydraulic motor urgently needed by the domestic shipbuilding industry requires the grinding of large rotors, and the rotor diameter, thickness, surface hardness, tolerance and other requirements are high. However, the existing domestic available equipment can no longer meet the needs, especially the lack of forming grinding machines for large-scale rotor slots

as the largest production base of CNC powerful forming grinding machines in China, Hangji group has carried forward the spirit of technological innovation in recent years. Relying on the proprietary technology accumulated in the field of forming grinding, with the help of increasingly mature CNC technology, indexing technology and CBN advanced abrasive, it has actively developed a new generation of grinding machines suitable for high-end users in the hydraulic parts industry to process high-precision, large-size rotor slots

in February 2008, the first mkl7132 × 8/5 CNC rotor slot powerful forming grinder is provided to Ningbo Hengtong Technology Company. This user is a professional manufacturer of rotors and stators for marine hydraulic motors. The actual production verification of the company shows that the machine tool is in good use. In May, 2009, another rotor slot grinder mkl7150 with larger specifications and higher technical content was manufactured for a marine machinery company in Wuhan × 10/6。 The company is a professional manufacturer of large-scale ship winches and lifting mechanisms. The large rotors used in its large-scale hydraulic motors have been imported from Japan, which are not only expensive, but also poor in risk resistance, which has many restrictions. The successful development of this machine tool helps users realize the localization of large rotor production

compared with similar domestic rotor slot grinding machines, the above two machine tools have great innovation in structure. The machine tool is equipped with a special fixture with good rigidity that can bear large rotors, which has reliable positioning and exquisite design. With mkl7132 × Compared with 8/5, mkl7150 × The 10/6 CNC rotor slot grinder also adds a technologically innovative positioning mechanism for each slot, which can accurately position each slot before grinding. In addition to the technology of the machine tool itself, CBN grinding wheel, which is very important for rotor groove grinding, is also used for grinding, which can greatly reduce the impact of wheel falling off on the width of rotor groove

in recent years, the manufacturing technology of domestic CBN grinding wheel has become increasingly mature. This machine tool uses domestic CBN grinding wheel with relatively low price, which meets the requirements of high-precision rotor groove grinding. This is also very important, because users can afford it economically. At the same time, CBN grinding wheel can be trimmed, and 80 rotors can be ground at a time. When the unilateral grinding allowance is 0.3mm, the grinding speed reaches 80mm/min. Each grinding wheel can process hundreds of rotors, which is close to the foreign advanced level. It is reported that mkl7150 × The 10/6 CNC rotor slot grinder has been in normal full load production since it was delivered, and all types of rotor slots can be completed on the machine. The production efficiency is better than that of similar domestic machine tools and reaches the level of similar foreign machine tools

another problem

based on the development of rotor slot grinder, users in the hydraulic parts industry have higher and higher confidence in the products of Hangji group, but Hangji group has not stopped at this point, and they feel the needs of users

in hydraulic motor products, cycloid gear is a key part, and its machining accuracy directly affects the performance of the whole mechanism. For a long time, due to the lack of CNC powerful forming grinder equipment in China, the processing of cycloid tooth profile surface is mostly realized by gear shaper, slow wire cutting and milling cutter. Due to the complex shape of cycloid tooth profile and great difficulty in processing and manufacturing, the above processing methods can not meet the requirements of mass production because of low efficiency, low precision and poor tooth surface roughness, which directly affects the performance of reducer, hydraulic motor and pump

with the rapid development of mechanical processing industry, high-speed, heavy cutting and high-precision processing technology has gradually replaced conventional processing methods. CNC form grinding technology is widely used in the surface finishing of cycloid gear teeth with special profile requirements abroad. This grinding method has obvious advantages over generating cycloid gear grinding. The processing method is to use the CNC powerful forming grinder, the moving beam is cast by high-strength mold, the high rigid beam is consolidated and not easy to be damaged, and the accurate displacement measurement can be completed. The surface shape of the cycloid gear single relative tooth profile can be trimmed by the shaping grinding wheel dressing technology, and then the cycloid gear workpiece is strongly jogged by the rotary indexing mechanism to form the grinding, so as to achieve the direct shaping of the tooth profile. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and good surface roughness, because the use of numerical control can realize the management mode of one person and many machines, meet the needs of mass production, and improve the product performance

aiming at the machining problems of cycloid gear, Hangzhou Machinery Group successfully developed mkl7132 which can be used for cycloid gear grinding × 8 CNC powerful forming grinder. The machine tool adopts imported diamond rollers and is equipped with a high rigidity roller dresser, which makes the dressing of the profile of sand gear teeth efficient and accurate, and has a reliable guarantee for the improvement of the meshing degree of the gear surface and the grinding efficiency. At the same time, the machine tool is equipped with an automatic balance grinding wheel device, which can effectively remove the wheel imbalance caused by the grinding wheel itself and after trimming, and ensure its surface quality while improving the grinding accuracy. It can also realize the automatic compensation of the dressing amount of the grinding wheel, maintain the consistency of the machining size of the workpiece, and improve the machining accuracy and interchangeability. Both the grinding head spindle and the roller spindle adopt the low-pressure oil mist sealing device with independent intellectual property rights to prevent high-pressure coolant from entering the spindle system, effectively ensuring the spindle accuracy and long bearing life. The grinding head body adopts a thermal balance device to control the thermal elongation of the spindle, ensuring the accuracy of transverse grinding. The machine tool has a high degree of automation and reliability. In the grinding process, except for the loading and unloading and measurement of workpieces, it is automatically completed during the grinding process, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of operators

MKL7132 × As soon as the CNC powerful forming grinder was introduced to domestic hydraulic parts manufacturing enterprises, it was widely welcomed. Technological breakthroughs again and again have not only made Hangji group receive good economic benefits, but also provided excellent equipment for the technological upgrading of the domestic hydraulic parts industry

in the view of Hangji people, money, fame and wealth are just floating clouds. The pride of revitalizing national industry from the bottom of my heart is the soul of Hangji group

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