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What should we pay attention to when testing full-automatic capacitance and inductance

capacitance and inductance tester is a special instrument for detecting compensation capacitors without disconnecting wires. Generally, before capacitance test and inductance test, the tester needs to set the corresponding measurement parameters according to the parameters of the tested object. From the bottom of the box to the front wall (150 ± 10) mm, open an air inlet (800 ± 20) MMX (400 ± 10) mm to flow into the box, but what should be paid attention to during the test? Now let's talk about the precautions for the use of fully automatic capacitance and inductance test

the full-automatic capacitance and inductance tester is specially developed for the problems existing in the field measurement of the capacitance value of a single capacitor in the shunt capacitor bank in the substation. It focuses on solving the following problems:

single chip microcomputer control

(1) the connecting line needs to be removed for the field measurement of a single capacitor, which is not only heavy workload but also easy to damage the capacitor

(2) low output voltage of capacitance meter leads to low fault detection rate

(3) measure the inductance with an equal dividing line around the reactor dial

automatic capacitance and inductance test features:

(1) automatic range conversion

(2) store 7168 test data

(3) large screen LCD (320 × 240lcd) display, Chinese character menu operation prompt

(4) realize the same screen display of waveform and measurement and processing data, making the test process more intuitive

(5) it has the functions of setting, correction and debugging

precautions for the use of "fully automatic" capacitance and inductance test:

1. The grounding pile on the panel of the capacitance and inductance tester must be grounded before use to avoid the risk of electric shock

2. The test voltage output switch must be placed in the "on" position during measurement

3. In order to obtain the correct capacity value, the same voltage value as the capacitor nameplate must be set before measurement

4. If you doubt the accuracy, please check with the reference capacitor randomly configured by the capacitance and inductance test instrument

5. When measuring small capacitance and large inductance, the position of the clamp meter has an impact on the measured value. Please place the clamp meter in the middle of the measured wire and keep the jaw completely closed

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