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Fake draft beer made from fake labels has attracted the favor of many consumers with its unique taste and color, and its price is about twice that of ordinary beer. However, CCTV's weekly quality report recently found that some unscrupulous manufacturers used pigments to make fake draft beer

cheap pure draft beer 100% fake

at present, in the market, a 520ml glass bottle of pure draft beer retails for 4.9 yuan a bottle, while ordinary beer with a capacity of 620ml from the same manufacturer sells for only 2.9 yuan. Pure draft beer is 2 yuan more expensive than ordinary beer. However, CCTV recently found in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, that the pure draft beer promoted in some local wholesale markets is almost as cheap as ordinary beer. This kind of draft beer marked with the word "Qingdao" has 12 bottles and a box. The promotional price of each box is only 2 yuan higher than that of ordinary beer of the same specification. In other words, the price of such draft beer is less than 20 cents higher than that of ordinary beer

five kinds of cheap draft beer samples were taken with the extended industrial chain machine in the market of Nanchang and sent to the national food quality supervision and Inspection Center for quality identification. According to the draft beer detection method stipulated in the national beer standard, the professionals of the inspection center detected the five pure draft beer samples and found that none of the five samples met the relevant national standards and were judged as fake draft beer

cooked beer is sterilized and pretended to be draft beer

CCTV noticed that the labels of two kinds of fake draft beer are marked with very small words, and the manufacturer is Jiangxi shengshidan Beer Co., Ltd. According to the general manager of the beer company, a draft beer production line has been specially rebuilt in the factory

however, CCTV found that the workshop producing draft beer only has an ordinary beer filling line, not a sterile filling line. Beer is exposed to the air before filling and capping. It turns out that this kind of sterilizer is not a sterile filtration equipment for the production of pure draft beer, but a high-temperature sterilization machine for the production of ordinary cooked beer. After the high-temperature sterilized cooked beer is labeled with pure draft beer by the labeling machine, it becomes the so-called pure draft beer

it is reported that Qingdao and Fujian are the main producing areas of draft beer in China at present, with high market popularity. Therefore, this brewery has borrowed these two origins to make an issue, and these fake draft beer listed in the name of Qingdao and Fujian have been sold to more than 10 provinces and cities such as Anhui and Hubei

three standards distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of beer

an industry expert said that good beer should have white and delicate foam rising when the wine is slowly poured into the cup. In addition, you can continue to observe the brightness of the wine. The color of high-quality beer should be light yellow, which can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials. If you look through the sun, it is golden yellow, cool and transparent; Bad beer has less foam and darker color after being poured into the glass, and the color of the liquor is also darker. Some liquor loses light, and more seriously, it produces turbidity. A good beer should have pure, refreshing and comfortable taste, while a bad beer will have some unpleasant and miscellaneous flavors, such as the rancid taste of rice

source: Huaxia Wine News

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