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Is the whole family myopic? Quickly check whether there is a problem with the lighting in your home.

this summer, a friend of mine called me and said that he had bought many desk lamps at home. Each desk lamp felt very dazzling when used, and his eyes always felt uncomfortable at ordinary times. Her own eyes are 500 degrees myopia, and her son is 16 years old, 1000 degrees myopia. She also has a little daughter who is less than one year old. She hopes I can do a "physical examination" for the lighting in her home and help her find out why she always feels uncomfortable in her eyes. She hopes her little daughter can grow up happily in a healthy light environment

so I acted immediately and asked her to send me photos of the lights in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and study, and photos of turning off and on the lights. It was found that there was indeed a big problem with the lamps in the table lamp, bedroom, living room and corridor. Here are a few places where there are problems

the R & D and supporting capabilities of aluminum processing enterprises are increasing. As shown in the above figure, the position of the table lamp is too high, and the human eye will look directly at the light source. It is recommended that the height of the lamp surface from the desktop is about 35cm, and it is appropriate that the eyes cannot directly see the luminous surface

the table top reflects too much light. It is recommended to lay a light colored cloth on the table top

the following figure shows the lamps and lanterns in the bedroom. The base is a mirror, and the light source is a bare point light source, which is very dazzling after lighting. There is also the mirror reflection from the base

this is the effect of turning on the light. 1 it must be noted that the glare is very serious

it is suggested that the lamp in this bedroom be replaced by a simple ceiling lamp with acrylic lampshade on the surface, which can ensure that the light is very soft, as shown in the above figure

the picture above shows another bedroom. The problem is that white light is used. There are more blue light components in white light, which is not conducive to sleep

in order to further confirm the problem of bedroom light source, professional instruments were used for detection. The color temperature exceeds 8000K, and the peak value of blue light is also very high

stroboscopic was further measured (see the right figure), and the problem was also very serious. Stroboscopic has the following hazards:

1) for photosensitive epilepsy patients, stroboscopic will induce seizures

2) increase repetitive behavior among people with autism

3) cause migraine or aggravate the condition of patients with headache

4) cause strain fatigue, eye fatigue, blurred vision and headache

the stroboscopic light that meets the standard should be controlled within 3% (corresponding to the frequency of 100Hz), as follows:

the improvement of the bedroom takes into account the cost as much as possible, only the light source needs to be replaced with a warm light source with better quality. The test results of the above two figures show that the color temperature is 2998k, and the stroboscopic light is only 0.6%, which is far less than the 3% required by the standard

the above figure is the lamp in the living room. The base of the lamp is a mirror, and the reliability of the light source is poor. It is also a bare point light source, which is very dazzling after lighting, and there is specular reflection from the base

it is suggested to replace the living room with a lantern (as shown in the above figure), and the light will be up, and the human eye will not look directly at the light source. The reason why it is emphasized not to look directly at the light source is that there is a baby less than one year old in this family, and most babies can't help but (1) deeply promote the elimination of excess capacity and focus on the bright spots, so their eyes are vulnerable

the light in the above figure is in the corridor, and it is also a bare point light source, which is particularly dazzling when lit. Because there is a little daughter less than one year old at home, it is recommended not to turn on this light at ordinary times

well, now let's review the main problems of this lighting:

1) the desk lamp reflects too much light, which can also explain why she used many desk lamps before and felt dazzling

2) if the table lamp is placed too high, it is easy for eyes to look directly at the light source, and they will also feel dazzling

3) bedroom 1 and living room are the same problem. The lamp base has specular reflection, and the light source is a bare point light source, which makes it very dazzling after turning on the light

4) the color temperature of light source in bedroom 2 is too high, which is not conducive to sleep; In addition, stroboscopic serious, may induce a variety of diseases

5) the bare point light source is also selected in the corridor, which is very dazzling

finally, once again, the quality of lighting directly affects the health and quality of life of you and your family. Please take action immediately to check whether there is a problem with the lighting quality of your home

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