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Fake medical students use "free clinic" to sell fake instruments. They mistakenly enter the suspected fraud company during summer vacation work

fake medical students use "free clinic" to sell fake instruments. They mistakenly enter the suspected fraud company during summer vacation work

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original title: fake medical students use "free clinic" to sell fake instruments. They mistakenly enter the suspected fraud company during summer vacation work

summer vacation work mistakenly enters the suspected fraud company

"These people fake college students from Southern Medical University to carry out summer practice everywhere. In fact, they are using the name of 'free clinic' to promote physiotherapy instruments, hoping that citizens can polish their eyes." Recently, the Jiageng College of Xiamen University spent a long time: completely removing the resin materials in the barrel. The third student, Mr. Chen, called the evening news agency for 24 hours to report that he and several classmates mistakenly entered a company suspected of fraud in Jinjiang during the summer vacation. The company asked them to sell fake instruments under false identities. They realized that it was inappropriate and left safely in time. They have called the police and hope that citizens will not be deceived when they encounter the "free clinic" promotion of the company's personnel

training to remember the case form "free clinic" to promote physiotherapy apparatus

according to Mr. Chen, he participated in a school enterprise job fair in early July. Because I haven't graduated yet, I was only a part-time job in the summer, and was finally accepted by an electronic technology company. The recruiter told Xiao Chen that the place of work is Quanzhou, and he can take up his post after training, mainly to sell physiotherapy equipment to the hospital. The base salary is 3000 yuan plus commission, and many newcomers' Commission is tens of thousands of yuan a month

On July 23, Mr. Chen took a bus to a technology company located in a commercial building on Quan'an Road, Jinjiang to report for duty and met two students from the same school. The next day, seven or eight newcomers arrived at the company and received training in an office. The person in charge of the training claimed to be Jiang and sent each person four pieces of information about "common cases" and asked them to read it and write it down in one day. Mr. Chen said that the case data are the introduction of some diseases such as cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder and lumbar disc herniation, and there are treatment methods for each disease at the end

in the evening of the same day, Jiang reappeared, and also called a summary meeting for a total of 20 or 30 old employees who returned from outside. He divided the old employees and new employees into several groups and asked them to go to various villages for "summer practice free clinics", taking the opportunity to sell Physiotherapeutics that can treat various common diseases to villagers, especially the elderly

the salesperson's identity is fake, and the product introduction is also fake

"he said that the first thing to do is to package the identity, that is, all people who go to practice the free clinic should say that they are junior and senior students of Southern Medical University, and the school requires going deep into all parts of the country for summer practice." Chen told Jiang that they would contact the village committee in advance, saying that it was very important for college students to choose clamps for the villagers in practice! Free free clinic. A few days ago, the villagers were given free blood pressure measurement and massaged with a physiotherapy instrument. A few days later, the villagers were sold a physiotherapy instrument of 3500 yuan. "The products also need to be packaged. Jiang specifically explained that the physiotherapy instrument came out of a regular large hospital and can cure a variety of common diseases."

after the summing up meeting, Xiao Chen and the two students, who contributed their wisdom, enthusiasm and perseverance, exchanged ideas and felt that this was not a legitimate company, a bit like cheating. They then searched, and soon found similar reports. Southern Medical University also issued a special statement, saying that it had never organized similar activities. Please be vigilant and beware of being cheated

after leaving together safely, report and remind them to prevent being cheated

now Xiao Chen and his colleagues understood that they had mistakenly entered the company suspected of fraud. Then they reported the situation to teacher Zheng of the school's student work department. Teacher Zheng asked them to ensure their personal safety and leave together. That night, three people including Xiao Chen and a college student from a university in Guangdong found Jiang and said that they were not suitable for the job and would leave together. Jiang agreed

after returning to school, Xiao Chen and his classmates reported the details to the teacher and called the police. Yesterday, Mr. Zheng of the school was contacted, and he confirmed the experience of several students. He said that the student employment guidance center of the university had blacklisted the company and informed the major talent markets a month ago that the company would not be allowed to continue to enter colleges and universities for recruitment in the future. At the same time, it would also increase publicity to remind college students to pay attention to safety in summer jobs, prevent being cheated, and avoid participating in fraud

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