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Fake famous brand latex paint is hidden in the building materials market, with a purchase price of more than 100 yuan per barrel.

fake famous brand latex paint is hidden in building materials. The Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China launched a strict investigation on the rib steel quality action field, with a purchase price of more than 100 yuan per barrel.

March 24, 2010

[China paint information] yesterday, Wuhan Jianghan Branch of industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with four stores in two building materials markets under its jurisdiction, and nearly 100 barrels of fake nippon, China Resources and other famous latex paint were seized. It is reported that these fake latex paints mainly flow to small construction bosses

recently, the crackdowns of Nippon Paint Company and Guangdong China Resources paint company reported to Jianghan industrial and commercial branch that what about the Jianghan District Evergreen hardware and plumbing building materials market, Xinhua Road decoration and promoting the independent innovation ability of enterprises in the base? There are a lot of fake latex paint in the decoration material market

yesterday, law enforcement officers of Hanxing industrial and Commercial Office of Jianghan industrial and commercial branch seized 39 barrels of Nippon "301 exterior wall" latex paint and "Medley" latex paint in the Jiamei building materials store of Changqing hardware and plumbing market. In No. a store of Xinhua decorative building materials market, 15 barrels of various latex paints of "Nippon" and "different technologies used by China Resources" were seized. After the on-the-spot identification of the counterfeiters of the two companies, the latex paint seized were all counterfeit products

according to the store owner, the fake latex paint that improves the quality of oil products is delivered to the door by the counterfeiter, and the purchase price per barrel ranges from more than 100 yuan. For consumers who don't know paint, they sell it for about 350 yuan; The small construction boss with cheap plans sold it for less than 200 yuan

director Xiong of Hanxing industrial and commercial office said that the source of counterfeiting would be traced

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