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Fake vaccines are harmful to health. How about the impact of poor lighting environment

the impact has been expanding since the occurrence of the pseudovaccine event of auxotroph (002680). The four major state-owned media collectively criticized, and at the same time caused public anger. Changsheng biological triggered public anger, because the fake vaccine incident affected the health of hundreds of thousands of children, and more seriously affected consumers' confidence in Chinese vaccines

it is undeniable that vaccines are related to children's health, and lighting quality is also closely related to health. In recent years, lighting science research has been deepening, and the relationship between light and health has been increasingly discovered by humans. For example, lighting has been extended to the field of non visual biological effects. Many studies have shown that the non visual effects of light on the human eye, and the light sensed through the ganglion cells of the optic membrane can affect the release of melatonin at night, sleep and biological rhythm, etc

as for the research on the influence of light color on human physiological parameters, Professor Lin Yandan of Fudan University once said that the research results show that light has the advantages of changing life rhythm, inhibiting the secretion of melatonin, raising core temperature, accelerating heart rate, improving alertness and so on. Therefore, it has broad application prospects in the future, such as the treatment of seasonal affective disorders, the use of red and yellow night lights to help sleep, and so on

in fact, more and more research phenomena have inspired us to think more about people's demand or dependence on light, including the rhythm of "spectrum", "brightness intensity" and "change". I believe there are more unknowns. These important elements in nature and their changing laws have been selectively formed after thousands of years of evolution. The human body meets them and starts an orderly process of self-regulation, including the production, increase and decrease of substances, This interaction and change may be the function of the human body to maintain a healthy balance and maintain a new balance when the balance is constantly broken

however, it is embarrassing that human beings can no longer return to the era of nature. In this case, how to reasonably balance lighting and health has become the research object of many lighting enterprises. Theoretically, this problem is not difficult to solve. Twin screws and multi screws have been derived from the original single screw. If artificial lighting can be infinitely close to the characteristics of natural light, the problem will be solved. The emergence of full spectrum and solar spectrum products will effectively balance the problems of light and health

then, resomer reg; Lr708 is a kind of random copolymer obtained by copolymerization of L-LA and dl-la (mass ratio 70:30). Many enterprises began to deploy in this new tuyere, otherwise after the transformation of the control system, such as Xuyu optoelectronics launched the theme of "full spectrum" at this year's Asia optics exhibition, while Hongli Zhihui and Seoul semiconductors also launched the concept and products of solar spectrum. Guangzhou Juhong optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Juhong optoelectronics"), another professional LED light source manufacturer in China, has also been committed to studying the relationship between light and health for many years, and has launched a series of solar spectrum LED light sources. Juhong optoelectronics Xie Xilong said that by simulating the solar spectrum, we can greatly use light to improve health problems

it is reported that Juhong optoelectronics began the research of full spectrum led four or five years ago. Through repeated experiments and research, Juhong optoelectronics' full spectrum LED technology has been in a leading position in the industry, and has formed cooperation with many well-known enterprises in related fields in China. "We are committed to making light technology ecological and creating unlimited value for consumers by building a healthy lighting environment." Xie Xilong said

it has to be said that the rise of concepts such as full spectrum, solar spectrum and related lighting products also indicates that human beings pay more and more attention to the relationship between light and health, which also shows that the market in this area has great prospects. However, in "do you like full spectrum led?" In the article, industry data statistics show that at present, the proportion of full spectrum led in the LED market is only about 2%. Why is the market share of full crack over large spectrum led, which is conducive to human health, unsatisfactory? In fact, compared with ordinary LEDs, full-spectrum LEDs cost slightly higher, and are subject to price constraints, resulting in greater resistance to promotion

some insiders predict: "with the continuous improvement of full spectrum technology, users will realize the importance of full spectrum light quality, and its market share will grow rapidly. The whole LED industry, especially the indoor lighting field, will also quickly transition from conventional high color led to full spectrum led."

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