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Fakuma 2011: Wacker exhibited new silicone rubber processes, including solid or hollow micron sized needles

according to the official of Wacker chemical group, the company will exhibit a newly developed silicone elastomer heat treatment process at fakuma, the international plastic processing exhibition this year

the core equipment of this new heat treatment process launched by Wacker on fakuma2011 is a special structure vacuum furnace designed and developed jointly with Eberl drying equipment company in bodenkirchen, Bavaria. The new process is very efficient and has many advantages. The silicone parts treated by the new process have the same mechanical properties as the molded parts after conventional heat treatment. At the same time, it can also meet the special requirements of the law for organosilicon components used for food or medical purposes, although it has been tackling key problems for many years. Because volatile components have been released at relatively low temperature due to pressure reduction, vacuum heat treatment equipment is also suitable for mild heat treatment of sensitive two-component molded parts and organic plastic parts

in addition, other highlights of the exhibition also include the new silicone rubber liquid used in the food industry metering valve and the horizontal tension test machine of high-efficiency fire-resistant steel wire rope. The first machine is mainly suitable for testing the stress and strain of optical fiber composite extruded ground wire (OPGW) and other products under the rated experimental force or constant load tension and the flame-retardant silicone rubber liquid used in the breaking test

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