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"Family members" of Weichai group appear at Beijing Road Transport Exhibition

family members of Weichai group appear at Beijing Road Transport Exhibition

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from May 11 to 13, the annual bus event was held in Beijing National Convention Center, which is in the overseas logistics In terms of the infrastructure of financial services and overseas supplier transactions in the process of import and export, the "2015 Beijing international road transport, urban bus vehicles and parts exhibition" focuses on the latest trends in the development of bus technology in the world, focusing on the bus and parts products related to new energy and energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, with the theme of "new energy, opportunities and challenges of bus development". Weichai group's subsidiaries have come up with the most influential new products and made wonderful appearances

six passenger car power products show the intelligent quality of Weichai. It is not negotiable.

six "intelligent power" products show the latest technology of Weichai engine in an all-round way, including: light engines represented by WP3 and wp4.1; Natural gas engines represented by wp5ng and wp7ng; Diesel engines represented by WP6 and WP10

among them, wp5ng and wp7ng natural gas engines have attracted special attention, especially wp7ng engines' advantages: lean burn +doc+sc is an essential experimental testing equipment for construction, building materials, roads and bridges and other engineering units. R route, theoretical air-fuel ratio + three-way catalytic route and theoretical air-fuel ratio +egr+ three-way catalytic route have done in-depth technical research and development, fully meeting the requirements of Euro 6 emission technology. At the same time, the whole machine adopts intelligent ignition coil, which increases the ignition energy by 30%, improves the reliability of ignition, and cancels the ignition module; The integral heat shield has a compact and beautiful structure, which can effectively improve the noise of the whole machine and improve the comfort and reliability of the whole vehicle

wp6 diesel engine can shorten the length of the whole engine and match a wider range of models by optimizing the front-end gear train and rear-end power output structure of the engine; Reduce the height of supercharger and improve the matching adaptability of engine

wp10 diesel engine is a new four valve product: it improves the power performance and economy of the whole vehicle. The three parallel generator structure is used to provide centralized power supply for the whole vehicle, with compact structure and reliability. In addition, some workpieces on the transmission are high, the power generation is large, and the cost is reduced

standing at the top of the queue, fast transmission takes the lead

at this exhibition, fast brought eight mainstream products such as bus transmission, retarder, clutch, etc

in the field of passenger cars, fast independently developed a number of DS series passenger car transmissions, of which 5ds50t and other transmissions are mainly aimed at fuel-efficient medium and small passenger cars; 6ds100t and other lightweight all aluminum alloy case transmissions are tailored for urban buses and high-end luxury buses, providing the latest optimized configuration for the upgrading of the bus market

DS series passenger car transmission products have the advantage of cost control, and the high-quality R & D team and quality assurance system, as well as the huge service system of passenger and truck leveraging on each other and developing synchronously, have laid a solid foundation for the large-scale, serialized, all-round and high-quality development of fast in the field of passenger car transmission. With the advantages of its brand in performance, quality, price and service system, DS series transmission products have successfully matched more than 330 models of dozens of bus factories such as Yutong Bus, Suzhou Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlong, etc

green power, Yaxing bus is full of tricks

Yaxing bus appears with four new products, each of which is unique and attracts the attention of many visitors

pure electric road bus, environmental protection and safety

Yaxing ybl6111hbev pure electric passenger car, such as 43r/min6, press the start button, optimize the main drive system and each high-voltage auxiliary component assembly, and adopt Yaxing's independent vehicle integration technology. Its excellent technical level, performance and energy-saving efficiency are ahead of similar domestic models

unlike the three-phase drive motor commonly used in pure electric vehicles, the six phase drive motor used in this model greatly improves the reliability of the power system. Using an efficient electric drive system, the working area with a system efficiency of more than 80% accounts for 82.09% of the working area of the whole system, and the maximum efficiency of the system is as high as 96.7%. Have a perfect vehicle control strategy

King Kong has a luxury floor and a half, which is more than luxury.

the biggest highlight of this model is that the 8 seats in the front row are equipped with aviation business luxury seats, and the 22 seats in the rear row are equipped with business seats, which realizes the function of 1+1, aiming to meet the diversified search of passengers and increase chips for competition. The high-grade leather airbag shock-absorbing driving seat, the installation of independent small wall mounted radiator, the increase of driver hand and foot warming blowing system and the small turning radius design give drivers more care and warmth

StarBus air hybrid is only for innovative fashion

Yaxing js6126ghcp air hybrid bus adopts a new shape, abandons the design style of traditional bus, inherits the noble descent of European urban bus, and the line concept is simple, sharp and stable. The design method of square base and small R angle makes the whole vehicle confident, masculine and smooth. Fashionable modeling combined with excellent coating technology will add a beautiful scenery to the rapid development of urban construction

Mini pure electric bus, green travel cute

Yaxing js6680ghbev Mini pure electric bus is a new pure electric bus model developed by Yaxing bus to meet market challenges. This car can be used not only for general traditional buses, but also as a short-distance pick-up car in scenic spots and as a short-distance pick-up car for high-end VIP customers in the airport. Its smart body and zero emissions make this model suitable for many occasions

among the four exhibition vehicles unveiled by Yaxing, js6126ghcp air hybrid won the "best bus Award", ybl6111hbev pure electric bus won the "best new energy bus Award", and ybl6125h3qj2 first floor and half luxury bus won the "best road bus Award"

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