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Urumqi a fake paint and super glue workshop hide in private houses

Urumqi China Construction machinery sales plan will reach 900billion yuan. Fake paint and super glue workshop hide in private houses

March 18, 2010

[China paint in the experimental machine industry online information] recently, a citizen mili (pseudonym) called this newspaper, saying that in the private house at 168 Huasheng lane near Urumqi Hualing trading city, A small factory produces paint and super glue, which are sold to the nearby wholesale market. He is worried that the quality of these paint and super glue is not up to standard

in the morning of March 10, I contacted xidaqiao industrial and commercial office and followed the industrial and commercial personnel to this "coating factory". The inspection found that this "coating seamless ball screw material factory" only had a business license for individual businesses, and its business scope was to sell coatings, and it was not qualified to produce coatings. Mayayun, the person in charge of the "factory", said that self-made coatings are mainly wholesale or retail to small shops in the nearby wholesale market. If you want to affix a label, you can provide self-made different manufacturer marks with its own characteristics and applicable environment at any time. An old man living nearby said, "I have lived here for five years, and their factory opened when I came."

Wei Liangting, an industrial and commercial cadre of the West Bridge Industrial and commercial office, said that the self-employed household processed paint and strong glue without authorization, and forged outer packaging. At present, the certificate of conformity and packaging bags printed privately have been confiscated, and a fine of more than 50% of the value of the goods will be imposed

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