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Fakuma 2018: covestro will display 3D printing shock absorbers with powerful functions

fakuma 2018: covestro will display 3D printing shock absorbers with powerful functions

September 3, 2018

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for many years, covestro has been developing customized polymer materials for all common manufacturing processes of 3D printing. Filament, powder and liquid raw materials are suitable for many industries and applications due to their diversity of properties

fakuma 2018 will be held at the exhibition center in port Frederick, Germany, from October 16 to 20, 2018. The company will display 3D printed shock absorber samples at booth 4206 in hall B4. This complex component marks another milestone from the creation of a single prototype to the integration of various functions and mass production, until all kinds of solvents are not used

use a variety of production processes

in addition to high functionality, the uniqueness of the shock absorber also lies in the production of various parts through three different manufacturing processes, and the use of three different manufacturing processes. The external spring of the 40 x 7 cm part is made of powdered thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which is formed layer by layer by selective laser sintering, and has good fault analysis: poor elasticity and high wear resistance of the screw

the adjusting screw inside the shock absorber must be very strong. Therefore, it is made from the filament material of kostron's solid polycarbonate material, using the fuse manufacturing (FFF) process. The inner air chamber is made of liquid polyurethane resin. But it can also calculate the data at the same time. Digital light processing method has been proved to be suitable for this kind of element with filiform structure, and it is also applicable here

combination of customized materials

then connect the various components to each other. Lukas breuers, the marketing manager of 2D and 3D printing of costron, explained: "this complex structure is impossible to achieve in the traditional production process. Another new development is to combine different materials with various customized properties. This preheating can eliminate the cold line from entering the high-temperature machine head, enabling us to greatly expand the possibility of additive production and its application fields."

other products used by the company for additive manufacturing have good heat resistance, wear resistance, wear resistance and flexibility

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