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Wuhan famous paint brand Shuanghu rolled soil to attack home decoration paint

Wuhan famous paint tycoon Shuanghu paint announced the official restart of the home decoration paint market on December 29. According to the industry, Jiangcheng home decoration paint market has been monopolized by foreign brands for a long time. With the "strong attack" of Shuanghu, the originally fierce competition will further "add fuel to the fire"

it is understood that Shuanghu will lay out distribution channels in 18 major building materials markets this time, and will launch interior wall emulsion paint within 100 yuan for the first time

according to the industry, there are more than 100 high, middle and low-end brands in Jiangcheng home decoration paint market, and price wars occur one after another. In the 1980s, Shuanghu paint once dominated the domestic home decoration industry, but then the protection cost and the characteristics of diversification, material saving, simple manufacturing skills and so on were very high. However, with the entry of foreign brands, Shuanghu paint lost its "boss" hat

statistics show that in the first half of this year, Jiangcheng construction coating market increased by more than 10%

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