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Han's Guanhua promotes a new type of high configuration and high automation business printing machine

high automation kuaibao gh524 (564) H business printing machine

facing the rapid development of short version color printing industry, Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched a new gh524 (564) H business printing machine. This is an experimental method that is in line with the development trend of the world's printing press and reflects the perfect combination of performance and efficiency. The experimental method has low requirements for measurement operation and is equipped with a highly automated commercial printing machine. The advent of gh524 (564) h will raise the manufacturing level of China's printing machinery to a new stage and represent the highest technical level of China's small format multicolor machine

gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine not only maintains the original gh524 (564) unique automatic plate loading and unloading system, remote control horizontal and vertical oblique plate drawing system, continuous alcohol plate wetting system, pneumatic control system, raindrop lubrication high-rise building glass system, ultrasonic double sheet monitoring system, optional computer ink remote control system, but also has the following new functions and new configurations

first, the high speed is increased by 13000 sheets/hour

the maximum printing speed of gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine is increased from 12000 sheets/hour to 13000 sheets/hour. The maximum speed of offset printing machine is often one of the important indicators to measure the performance of the machine. The higher the machine speed, the higher the requirements of product manufacturing quality, accuracy and durability. The improvement of the speed of this printing machine will further improve the printing efficiency of small and medium-sized printing plants, which is particularly important today when the printing industry is extremely competitive

second, adopt the vacuum suction belt paper transfer system

with the increase of the speed of the offset press, the bridge paper transfer system requires that the paper transfer is stable and reliable, and the intermediate adjustment links should be reduced. The new gh524 (564) H four-color business press adopts the vacuum suction paper transfer belt, which simplifies the original complex mechanical control components, and makes the paper transfer of the offset press more smooth, stable and reliable. Pneumatic technology is applied to the transmission system, Make the manufacturing technology of domestic four-color offset press in line with the world, and greatly reduce the faults caused by paper running

third, a new non-stop paper receiving system has been designed.

the original four-color offset press of Han's Guanhua has a paper feeding height of 900 mm, which is the small multi-color printer with the highest paper feeding height in the world at present, but the paper output height is 420 mm, which is equivalent to the height of other models of multi-color machines. When printing with full paper, it often needs to stop halfway to unload the paper. In order to shorten the unnecessary downtime, Gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine has designed a special non-stop paper receiving system, which can realize non-stop paper receiving during midway printing, which not only improves the printing efficiency, but also further improves the competitiveness of printing enterprises

fourth, the automatic control and tracking technology of ink is adopted.

ink control is an important link for multicolor printing machine to print high-quality color activity. Gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine adds the function of remote control water volume control on the basis of the original remote control ink volume. By presetting the value size and change ratio of ink volume and water volume through the touch screen, it realizes the perfect cooperation between ink and speed, and realizes the automatic tracking of ink without complicated manual control, which will not only improve the quality of prints, but also greatly improve the use efficiency of the printing machine

fifth, it is equipped with an automatic ink injection control system (optional)

the ink storage in the ink bucket of the multi-color offset press is a certain amount. In the process of printing a large number of printed matters, the operator should constantly monitor the amount of ink in the ink bucket. When the ink supply is insufficient, manual ink injection is a labor-intensive work. The new gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine can be equipped with an automatic ink injection control system. When the ink volume is insufficient, the computer automatically controls the ink injection by checking the ink volume in the ink bucket, which not only reduces the labor intensity of the printer operators, but also improves the printing efficiency of the printer

sixth, cip3/cip4 color closed-loop control system (optional)

with the rapid development of the computer industry, printing has achieved digital operation process, and the adjustment of ink volume no longer depends on the skills and experience of printing operators, but is controlled through the digitization of ink volume, which is the so-called cip3/cip4 system. Gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine can be equipped with this digital system. Through the color scanning data of the printed matter, or the data of the prepress plate making center (PPF file) is transmitted to the ink remote control system through the storage media such as network or optical disk. Through the interface of CIP3 conversion software, the preset ink volume is automatically completed, so that the closed-loop control of color printing is realized, and the high requirements and high efficiency of the market for the printed matter are realized

seventh, the original powder spraying device is improved by using the independent pneumatic control powder spraying device

gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine. The new powder spraying device adopts an independent air pump, and the powder spraying effect is 15. Accuracy of strain control rate: when the rate is less than 0.05% FS/s, the fruit is foggy, the control is more accurate, the powder passing area is more uniform, and the dust and powder amount are significantly reduced, Thus effectively improving the quality of prints

eighth, the roller pillow adopts the latest protection device

the roller of multi-color offset press plus roller pillow is an important means to ensure the stable printing of offset press and reduce the ink bar or water bar caused by vibration. However, in fact, when the operator is cleaning the roller, it will inevitably be stained with cleaning fluid on the roller pillow. If you do not pay attention to protection, the roller pillow will rust and damage the roller pillow after a long time, Therefore, gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine has specially designed a new roller pillow protection device, which eliminates the worries of customers and extends the service life of the machine

ninth, improve the electrical control panel and interface

gh524 (complete the tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear and other mechanical property experiments of the sample, low noise 564) H four-color business printing machine has made an important improvement on the original electrical control panel, canceling the speed, water supply and ink supply knob control switches, and completely using the electronic touch screen interface to control the equipment, the interface is more humanized, and the operation is more simple and practical

tenth, an independent blanket cleaning device (optional)

gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine is equipped with an independent blanket cleaning device, which can automatically clean the blanket during the printing version change process, which will greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator, shorten the preparation time of printing, and improve the efficiency of printing

gh524 (564) H four-color business printing machine is a highly automated and highly configured printing machine, which fully meets the objective requirements of today's printing industry for high efficiency and low cost. It is an ideal business printing machine with good quality and low price

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