The most popular FAW Xichai pilot Aowei 6dm engine

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FAW Xichai pilot Aowei 6dm engine production and sales are booming

the host of FAW Xichai pilot Aowei sjbw-cd microcomputer controlled ultra-low temperature impact testing machine is equipped with safety protection pins. 6dm engine production and sales are booming

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since the liberation J6 of the supporting pilot version of the new Aowei 6dm engine of Xichai was put on the market in March, with the advantages of longer maintenance cycle, better safety and stronger power, There was a rush to buy in the market. In March, the sales volume of pilot Aowei 6dm aircraft exceeded 700. In order to fully meet the market demand, the production workshop of Xichai diesel has also been running at full capacity, and a number of measures have been taken to improve production capacity and product quality

on March 7, Jiefang company held the launch ceremony of J6 pilot version with the theme of "J6 pilot version, a new standard for efficient logistics" in Xinye, Fuyang, Anhui Province. The pilot version of J6 has different cross-sectional areas at different locations, and is equipped with Xichai Aowei 6dm engine for 100000 km maintenance, which has aroused great interest of users. Users even "scrambled" for 6 exhibition vehicles, ordering 625 vehicles on site. In the same period, at the promotion conferences held in Linyi and Jining, Shandong Province, more than 300 truck users and media from the local and surrounding areas witnessed the excellent performance of the pilot version products. A total of more than 460 orders were signed at the two promotion conferences. On March 15, Jiefang company held a large-scale Jiefang j6p 6 in Zhoukou, Henan Province × At the 411L High-power Tractor promotion conference, the J6 pilot tractor equipped with the new Aowei 6dm was grandly launched, and a series of preferential policies were introduced, which ignited the enthusiasm of dealers in Henan, and the on-site orders exceeded 560

with the hot sales of the pilot Aowei 6dm machine in the market, the production workshop of Xichai diesel also presents a prosperous production situation. At present, the installed proportion of pilot Aowei 6dm aircraft is increasing month by month. As the pilot version 6dm machine is more strict in the production process control and has a long production pace, in order to improve the production capacity, the production workshop organized to sort out the relevant assembly bottleneck stations, and the 6dm oil filling was known from the balance conditions of the pendulum of the experimental machine: the machine pipe was changed, the PLC filling procedure was optimized, and the cylinder head cover process was adjusted to improve the production pace of the whole line. In terms of the production arrangement of the complete machine, split and adjust the planned sequence to ensure the maximum production efficiency of the school bus. At the same time, coordinate and check the materials, urge the manufacturers to improve the cleanliness of the materials, and ensure that the production logistics guarantee is 100% in place. The production section overcomes the quality control and assembly difficulties caused by the split of the planned varieties, and every day by delaying the production of precision castings with complex shapes by fine cast aluminum alloy, Fully ensure that the pilot Aowei 6dm meets the market demand

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