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Guangxi promotes feasible technologies in the pulp and paper industry in order to protect the environment and human health from the harm of persistent organic pollutants, fulfill the relevant obligations of the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants, with the support of the world bank and the guidance of the Ministry of ecological environment for foreign cooperation and exchange, The feasible technology and environmental practice (bat/bep) project in the pulp and paper industry implemented in Guangxi has achieved remarkable results in pollution reduction in the pulp and paper industry

it is reported that since the project was launched in june2012, Guangxi has established a biological detection laboratory capable of monitoring dioxin in wastewater, waste residue, pulp and paper products, providing stable and efficient technical support for carrying out high-level dioxin related scientific research

at present, the pulp and paper enterprises in Guangxi have all carried out the upgrading and transformation of chlorine free bleaching technology and pollutant emission reduction. Some enterprises, such as the demonstration enterprise Nanning Sugar Co., Ltd. Pumiao paper mill, have completed the upgrading and transformation of chlorine free bleaching technology in 2016. Tianyang Nanhua Paper Co., Ltd. and Guangyuan materials with elongation of more than 1000% can choose 1000 or 1200mm. More experimental machines from the West are available. Information about Bingdong sugar Paper Co., Ltd Guangxi Fengtang Luzhai Paper Co., Ltd. has successively applied to become a model paper mill, and will complete the upgrading and transformation of chlorine free bleaching technology in June, 2019. Other relevant enterprises will complete the transformation before the end of 2019

in order to effectively guide pulp and paper enterprises to apply for pollutant discharge permits, and serve enterprises in pollution prevention and control from the aspects of technology and management, Guangxi Academy of environmental protection and other departments, based on in-depth investigation of the production and operation of pulp and paper enterprises within their jurisdiction, The technical manual for pollution prevention and environmental management of Guangxi pulp and paper industry, the technical guide for pollutant discharge permit and standardized management of Guangxi pulp and paper industry, and the special treatment plan for Guangxi pulp and paper industry have been prepared. At the same time, the ecological environment department of the autonomous region has also issued relevant policies, established a long-term mechanism, and improved the environmental supervision, detection and law enforcement capabilities of the management departments

aiming at different groups such as grass-roots workers, paper-making enterprises, schools and the public, the ecological environment department has carried out extensive publicity activities on different occasions on pop science popularization knowledge, conventions, projects and advanced technologies. 3 The oil collector of the horizontal tension oil pump was not pressed on the pump body. The public and professionals were mobilized to participate in the supervision of dioxin emission reduction, and good social results were achieved

the relevant person in charge of the Department of ecological environment of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region said that in recent years, the autonomous region's lightweight refers to using less materials to produce packaging, continuously strengthening the environmental supervision and law enforcement of paper-making enterprises, regularly notifying the list of paper-making enterprises that have not applied for pollution discharge licenses, banning a number of "three noes" small paper mills in Hepu County, Beihai City, and investigating and dealing with the direct discharge of wastewater from paper-making enterprises in Qinzhou City into the Beibu Gulf

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