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The innovative spirit of Huishan base of faw-xichai heavy duty diesel engine Facts speak louder than words. In this era of advocating change, China has constantly turned scientific and technological innovation into an inexhaustible driving force for development. In the first half of this year, the economy achieved the goal of "steady growth", which has defeated a few "conspiracy theories"

as an outstanding representative of state-owned enterprises, FAW Xichai, under the leadership of Qian Hengrong, the "helmsman", bravely shouldered the burden of innovation, paid attention to comprehensive innovation in management, technology, talents, equipment and services, and adhered to a path of innovation driven development. Huishan base of Wuxi Diesel heavy duty diesel engine, the "birthplace" of Aowei engine, has achieved quality optimization and upgrading, high-end products, rationalization of product structure, the combination of "big innovation" in management and "micro innovation" in details, and the combination of "new" and "new" has become a unique enterprise advantage, catching up in the new round of world green power revolution and industrial upgrading campaign

hold high the banner of innovation and stand proudly at the top of the industry

nowadays, innovation and development has become the consensus of most enterprises. What is big innovation? As the leader of FAW Xichai, Qianhengrong, director of the factory, said: "great innovation is the foundation of settling down. Innovation is not just a technical problem. To break the situation through innovation, we must first work hard on management, combine innovative ideas with actual management, boldly innovate in management methods and means, continuously optimize internal resource allocation, tap potential, and enhance market competitiveness. In the final analysis, the core of great innovation lies in a scientific, advanced and efficient management mechanism."

at present, anyone who knows all about the Huishan base of FAW Xichai heavy diesel engine will give a thumbs up for its advanced and intelligent management. So, what is so different

"In terms of quality control, logistics management, information monitoring and operation mode, innovative elements are everywhere. Our management innovation is absolutely outstanding in the same industry in China. First, we adopt the combination of intelligent error proofing and data dynamic monitoring, and use SPC statistical technology, quality information central processing system and other technical management methods to ensure that all quality indicators of products are industry-leading; second, we adopt accurate planning and scheduling, and change materials By means of point management, it has realized the accurate logistics distribution of more than 60 kinds of large parts, more than 400 kinds of small parts, more than 250 kinds of standard parts and auxiliary materials, with an accuracy rate of 100%; In terms of information management, the MCIS motion control information system of Siemens in Germany is introduced to realize the real-time remote monitoring of production status through the networking management of production equipment through industrial Ethernet; The operators of the "six modes" such as three-dimensional quality control and digitalization of management and operation should wear insulating gloves to achieve lean production with the combination of index system and efficient management mechanism. " Speaking of the "innovation" of management, the person in charge of Huishan base of FAW Xichai heavy duty diesel engine talked with confidence

innovation is not just "talking on paper". Only with "real sword and real gun" innovation practice can the effectiveness of scientific management be accepted. In the first half of this year, under the guidance of brand strategy, Huishan base of Xichai heavy diesel engine orderly promoted management reform, constantly pursued transcendence and progress in management concepts, methods and means, comprehensively deepened budget management and target cost management, fully coordinated the allocation of human, financial, material and other resources, carried out major research projects and mass improvement activities, scientifically explored potential points, and achieved remarkable results in improving quality and reducing cost

FAW Xichai has condensed the enterprise spirit into eight words "learning, innovation, struggle and self-improvement". Innovation is the premise for survival, development and competitiveness improvement. It occupies a crucial position in the development process and gradually becomes the "innovation norm". The successful experience of Huishan base of Xichai heavy duty diesel engine has conveyed to us that "seeking change" is a continuous breakthrough in management technology, management mode, management system and management mode, striving for the top in the industry in terms of quality, logistics, information and operation mode, and "unchanged" is to always focus on and focus on the needs of users, and strive to build China's leading The goal of a world-class heavy-duty diesel engine production base

details are unconventional and stand at the top of the market

if big innovation is a "survival skill" for enterprises to struggle in the whirlpool of the industry reshuffle and develop against the trend in the industry reshuffle pattern, then "micro innovation" is an "important weapon" to quickly adapt to the market and win users. The two support each other, so as to form an invincible synergy and "overcome difficulties" can be "solved easily"

as long as you approach the production line of FAW Xichai heavy duty diesel engine Huishan base, you can truly and profoundly feel the overwhelming enthusiasm for innovation. Here, there are many international top automatic machinery manufacturing 10 prefix [cross head] equipment imported from Germany, Italy, France, etc., and a world-class intelligent flexible production line has been built; Here, there is a working team known as the youngest of Xichai. From senior experts, experts, prospective teachers to management and grass-roots employees, the average age is only 26 years old. They are active in the comprehensive management room, technical quality room, production support room and production section respectively, and ignite the "Chinese dream" of Xichai with post skills and innovation vitality. Here, Xichai people in every position clearly know that the market is a long-distance race without an end, and what they are fighting for is innovation, endurance and faith

"Some time ago, our department's 6dm cylinder head line op130 copper sleeve press fitting rework rate was slightly high, which affected the production efficiency. In this regard, our Weixin QC team formed a research team. Through continuous detailed troubleshooting and analysis, we found out 6 major influencing factors, and implemented the optimal countermeasures by comparing the countermeasures. The copper sleeve press fitting qualification rate was successfully improved to 99.47% in the air conditioning mode of high and low temperature impact testing machine, which greatly improved the production efficiency 。” Gao Feng, leader of "Weixin" QC team of FAW Xichai heavy machinery department, talked about small cases of innovation and quality improvement as if he were a treasure

at the recently held 12th "ocean king" Cup National QC team results publishing competition, the "Weixin" QC team of FAW Xichai heavy machinery department won the highest award in the competition - the winning award with the help of "improving the pass rate of op130 copper sleeve press fitting of 6dm cylinder head line"

for them, such remarkable achievements are a full affirmation of their innovation and improvement work, and also an endless driving force to adhere to innovation. It is not the first time to stand out in the QC competition. Every employee here has achieved a foothold in his post, actively set up a QC team, and jointly tackle key problems for the focus of the factory. There is a strong atmosphere of innovation everywhere

looking at the whole industry, there is a long way to boost demand, and the development of the internal combustion engine industry still has a long way to go. However, as for the change in the proportion of terminal diesel truck sales, from the beginning of 2015 to may, the category of new users changed, which accelerated the adjustment of truck diesel engine market structure. The proportion of heavy trucks declined to 15.24%, and light and medium trucks increased accordingly

the competition for heavy duty market share has worried many small and medium-sized power enterprises. In sharp contrast, on the day of June, the market demand for "Aowei 6dm 11 liter engine" equipped with FAW Jiefang J6 pilot version was high. So far, the sales volume has exceeded 1200 units, with a month on month increase of 50%. Moreover, according to the feedback from various places, the five national series of FAW Jiefang J6 LNG models, including ca6sl2, ca6sm2, ca6sn1, have also become the favorite of the market, and users are scrambling to buy them at the promotion meeting

the market attention remains high, the users' praise is overwhelming, and the sales volume is rising against the trend. FAW Xichai gives full play to the power of "unique skills" and "sharp tools" of innovation, boosting the market demand, breaking the weak status quo of the industry, and has achieved fruitful results all over the north and south of the river, becoming a big winner in the industry

now, FAW Xichai is firmly at the top of the industry and the market. Only the innovator is strong. Under the leadership of factory director Qian, the Xichai army will be swift, surpass the curve, occupy the "commanding heights of the industry" in an all-round way, and make the Chinese national brand shine in the world. As dongchunbo, vice president of FAW Group, said, "miracles are still being created where miracles occur."

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